Northam web video offers view of healthcare landscape in rural Virginia

The Northam for Governor campaign released “Wise,” an online video shining a light on the healthcare landscape for the underserved, underinsured living in rural Virginia. Over the weekend, Dr. Ralph Northam volunteered his medical services at the Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic in Wise County.

ralph northamWith the Senate’s move yesterday to proceed on repealing the Affordable Care Act, Northam has pledged as governor to put party aside in order to find solutions so that no family is one medical emergency away from financial demise. If the Senate’s original Trumpcare proposal were to pass, it could put the health coverage of over 520,000 Virginians at risk and mean a $1.4 billion hit to the commonwealth’s Medicaid program over the next seven years.

“So there we are – over two thousand patients that are sitting in ninety-degree heat, waiting for potentially two days to be seen by a doctor,” RAM Clinic volunteer Dr. Vicki Weiss shares. “It’s a difficult road to go to get your healthcare this way and it shouldn’t be happening here in our country.”

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