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Northam campaign finally on TV with biograhical ad spot

Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced it will begin airing its first ad of the general election entitled “My Life.”

The ad will air across Virginia and centers on Ralph Northam’s personal history as a rural Virginia native, graduate of VMI, and his service to his country and community as a U.S. Army doctor, pediatric neurologist, and current lieutenant governor.

“My Life” features Dr. Northam’s patients and their families discussing his fight to “expand healthcare in Virginia” and their confidence “he’ll get it done as governor.”

With a plan to do just that on the heels of Trumpcare’s collapse, Dr. Northam is calling for a Bipartisan Joint Health Care Subcommittee in Virginia to address the concerns of healthcare costs, including measures like finally expanding Medicaid to over 400,000 hard working Virginians.

“My Life” will air as part of a buy across the Commonwealth.

Republican candidate Ed Gillespie has been on the air in markets across Virginia since July 26.