Northam announces rural economic policy plan

Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam unveiled his new rural economic policy plan today, touting that the plan will work to strengthen Virginia’s rural economy and build an economy that will create opportunities for all Virginians, no matter who they are or where they live.

ralph northam“I’m proud of the progress our economy has made over the last four years – but I know that not everyone has felt the benefits of that progress, especially in rural Virginia,” said Northam. “As governor, I’m committed to ensuring that every corner of Virginia is a part of the 21st-century economy, which is why I will concentrate on three main areas: building a skilled workforce, encouraging entrepreneurship and startups and leveraging and growing our infrastructure.”

“Just like we do from the Roanoke region through southwest Virginia, we understand what it’s like to live in a rural area and a lot of people do feel left out,” said State Sen. John Edwards. “But I can tell you as governor, Dr. Northam will have the best interests of the rural areas in mind when he goes forward and governs the Commonwealth of Virginia.”



Building a Skilled Workforce for the Jobs of Tomorrow

  • Launch the G3 Program – Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back – Ralph Northam’s proposal to develop a skilled workforce to fill the essential well-paying new collar jobs of the 21st century.

  • Create the Virginia Rapid Readiness Program, a more flexible, responsive and business-oriented workforce development initiative.

  • Expand programs that provide active duty service members with multiple industry-recognized credentials prior to leaving the military.

Expanding the University of Virginia at Wise

  • Significantly expand the size and scope of educational offerings, especially in high need and high growth areas, making UVA-Wise an economic engine for Southwest Virginia and surrounding areas.

Making Rural Development More Competitive

  • Cut taxes for new start-up small businesses for the first two years in rural and economically depressed areas.

  • Expand broadband access to all Virginians.

  • Remove barriers to the development and grow our renewable energy portfolio in rural Virginia.

Learn more about the Ralph’s rural economic policy plan here.

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