No! Website suggests Michigan might target UVA’s Bronco Mendenhall

bronco mendenhall accA sports betting website has UVA football coach Bronco Mendenhall as the favorite to be the next coach at Michigan.

So, this is what happens when your football team is going good, huh?

Well, we’re used to it with Tony Bennett, at least.

The annual disquiet in Wahoo Nation over Bennett – Oh, god, UCLA’s job’s open? Wisconsin! – seems to have calmed down, for now, post-banner.

So, naturally, because we can’t have good things, we have this nonsense from Sports Betting AG.

Which, actually, not nonsense at all.

We should be joyed that we have a football coach that is thought of as being a top candidate for a plum job like Michigan.

Seriously, the last two coaches, we couldn’t get rid of fast enough.

One is out of coaching after a disastrous stint as an assistant at Georgia Tech, the other is at his second FCS job.

A betting site thinks Michigan, Big Blue, might want our Bronco?


I mean, please, lord, don’t let him actually leave, though I can see what the attraction would be.

More money than god, stadium can hold two Charlottesvilles.

It would be … enticing … to be offered the keys to that sports car.

Whatever happens, happens.

Fans, alums, we have no input into that process.

We should just consider ourselves flattered that our football program is in a state where our coach is considered a top guy.

That said, Michigan, stay the hell away.

Column by Chris Graham

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