Newspaper websites, pay walls, and the solution for businesses

afp screenMore and more newspapers are pushing you to advertise on their websites. But there is something they aren’t telling you …. those same newspapers are pushing their content behind pay walls. You might be able to read a handful of stories for free each month before being prompted to subscribe. Or you might be able to read a paragraph or summary only unless you are a paid subscriber. Sure, it might make sense for their bottom line, butit doesn’t make sense for you as an advertiser.

Most readers are used to getting their news for free, and simply won’t pay for it. What does that mean for your business? These newspaper websites are getting less and less traffic and former readers are finding their news elsewhere – for free.

Which brings us to Augusta Free Press – where news continues to be free. While newspaper websites are seeing less traffic, our news website continues to see increased traffic and comments. has you covered with 24/7 news and engaged readers. Our stories run regularly on Google News (which won’t run stories that require payment) driving even more traffic to our site.

It’s one big reason our Facebook numbers have exploded, with more than 112,000 likes.

And advertising on is affordable – you can advertise for an entire year for only $3,000 – or $300 per month.

And advertising on is affordable – you can advertise for an entire year for only $3,000 – or $300 per month.

 Link to your website

 Ad Runs 24/7 on Every Page

 Free Design Assistance Available


On, our news is free. It’s that simple.

No story limits for readers. 

No subscriptions required. 

No annoying popup ads.


The fine print …
– 300 x 250 Cube Ad
– Runs in Righthand Column of Site
– Runs on Front Page and All Inside Pages
– Links to your Website
– May rotate with other Ads

Contact us today to check on availability. Pre-payment by credit card or check is preferred.

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