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Newsmax launches Twitter network

twitter-buttonNewsmax Media Inc. announces the launch of its Newsmax Twitter Network for Monday, June 9. Members of the network can tweet an advertisement provided by Newsmax Media’s advertising partners. This exclusive Twitter channel will be the first network launch by an independent news organization.

The Newsmax Twitter Network is a community of popular and prominent Twitter handles that reach loyal followers of our many partners. We have created a network that allows clients to feature a promotional tweet for an easy revenue opportunity.

Newsmax will have no formal control over or operational involvement with any of our Twitter network members. This will simply be a listing of Twitter feeds affiliated with our network that we recommend our readers join as followers. We also encourage our advertisers to use the feeds for promotion of their products and services.

Newsmax advertisers can rent a one-time tweet, and our members can then decide whether to promote the materials in their feeds.

Newsmax will contract with the advertiser, address all logistical issues of campaign implementation, and collect all advertising fees. Revenues will be disbursed to the network monthly.

Affiliated members always remain in control of their Twitter accounts and send the tweets themselves. If the affiliate does accept an advertiser’s message, they will share in a proportional amount of the advertising revenue, as specified in the agreement with the affiliate.

The network includes large Newsmax partners that are active in the Twitter and social media communities. Among them are personalities such as Herman Cain and Dick Morris, and organizations such as National Review and Young Conservatives.