Newshosting 2019: A must-read review

Amongst many Usenet providers, Newshosting comes out as the best. It is a tier-1 Usenet provider, providing fast and reliable newsgroup servers in the United States and Europe for members to connect with. The tier-1 status means getting short routes with high-speed connections.

Each Usenet account comes with a Newshosting client for members to search for content and download files. For people who value additional privacy protection, Newshosting grant access to VPN servers to browse anonymously and safely. It also includes SSL in all accounts.

Newshosting Discount

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It will interest you to know the tier-1 Usenet provider; Newshosting has a special discount offer for you. Let me quickly show you before we cover the retail accounts in detail. With just $8.33, you’ll enjoy unlimited Usenet access for one month compared to the normal $14.95 retail price.

Moving forward, if you wish to save up to 58% along with free VPN addon which normally cost $4.99 per month, then my top recommendation is the 1-year unlimited special. This package includes both Usenet and VPN at only $99 a year.

Newshosting has easy payment options which include PayPal and Credit Card. They also accept MasterCard, Visa Card, Discover, JCB, American Express, and others. PayPal payment option is ideal if you’d like to manage all your online billing from a centralized location. Bitcoin is not accepted as a payment option at the moment, although there’s a strong hope that Cryptocurrency payment may be included soonest.

Retail Usenet Plans and Pricing

Newshosting offers three different Usenet packages. Each package comes with a 14-day free trial. The packages include:

Lite Version

The light version is great for beginners. It has many Newshosting features which include the 3,900+ days in retention and the newsreader browser. It also has 50GB downloads per month. If you plan to use your Usenet subscription regularly, you may pick interest in the other packages.

Unlimited Version (Best Choice)

This package is generally as seen as the most interesting and competitive package. The unlimited package has no data limit with full access to all Usenet servers and the features of Newshosting’s browser. The VPN will be available upon your subscription for the annual unlimited package. Nevertheless, the VPN is optional if you purchase one month plan.

XL Powerpack

If you like to download round the clock, then the XL powerpack is for you. Instead of 30 connections, you’ll get a massive 60 simultaneous connections when an average user rarely needs over 20 connections. You can opt-in for the powerpack if you’re planning to use one Usenet account with more users.

Tip: Don’t be deceived by the connection’s number provided. You do not need the 60 connections because the unlimited version with 30 connections is enough for you.

Newshosting Retention

In 2009, Newshosting is the first Usenet provider to announce plans to upgrade binary retention and since then, they have steadily raised retention above 3,800+ days with continuous growth.

Newshosting offers its users free Newsreader that comes with major features like built-in search, auto- search, video preview, automatic repair, and support for compressed files. Also, it has a very clean UI for easy navigation.

Newshosting offers the highest retention in the industry which exceeds 3,900+ days of continuous binary upgrading. The company grants access to over 100,000 newsgroups and a completion rate of 99 percent which is the industry standard. Its performance and reliability are enhanced with multiple server farms in the United States and Europe.

Newshosting owns and maintains their News Servers which allows the company to offer lightning speed connections to its users. In addition, about 60 concurrent connections are provided by the tier-1 company. You stand to enjoy a connection speed between 140 to 150 MB/sec – one of the highest speeds in the industry.

Newshosting Support

Newshosting offers excellent technical support which is available 24/7. You can reach the support team via email in the support section. More importantly, you can find solutions to common problems in the dedicated FAQ section.

Getting started is not difficult with a bunch of video tutorials provided for a detailed guide. All you need is a username and a password. Once you have signed up, you will get an email with a link to download a copy of their Newsreader. The download is also available on the control panel of your Newshosting account.

Newshosting Client

Newshosting Browser

Newshosting has a free download bespoke Usenet Browser for members. You can have instant access to the client if you sign up for one of our specials today. It features video previews and built-in search. You can automate the download and search process to avoid constant checking for your favourite show.

The app is easy to use with a convenient UI. Members can monitor downloads, rate of data used, schedule download time, and subscribe to a newsgroup, all in one app. We found out that it also works with NZB and SABnzbd for users who prefer to use indexer and newsreader.

Newshosting VPN

With Newshosting, you can use a VPN with any packages. To get a free VPN offer, choose a 1-year special package. More than 360 VPN servers can be accessed by users in 20 countries across the globe. They include free software for Mac and Windows, allowing you to connect two devices at a time. Newshosting allows VoIP, P2P, and all other traffic without storing, recording or monitoring your VPN logs.

All Newshosting users with VPN can access several servers in 20 popular locations like Amsterdam, London, Sydney, New York, and many other cities in The U.S. With a Mac or Windows client, you can connect to VPN servers in Austria, Japan, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, US, Poland, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and New Zealand.


Newshosting is a swift and reliable Usenet provider with connections speed up to 1GB per seconds. It’s a service that we use and trust overtime and we highly recommend you give it a shot. With their main office in Florida, no user log is kept. Additionally, Newshosting’s fast VPN guarantees safe and anonymous browsing and downloading experience.

Signup for the best choice package today – a trial will definitely convince you! For more information about this Usenet provider come to

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