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WATCH: Drake wins $12M playing online roulette at crypto casino


During a Twitch livestream on Monday night, Drake won $12 million while playing online roulette on Stake, one of the top online Bitcoin casinos. Stake was founded in 2017 by Eddie Miroslav. On the Canadian’s first roll, Drake landed on 11, winning $5.73 million. Next, he won $5.13 million after falling on 10.

Then, Drake won an additional $5.73 million after ending up on 10 once again. Of course, he lost along the way as well. It’s all part of the game.

Later on, following a roll on 14, the rapper won $3.87 million. For the best part, Drake hit the jackpot after landing on 14. He won $12.96 million! His balance increased from $14,227,609.55 to $27,187,609.55 in seconds.

Watch Drake win $12 million while playing roulette on Stake, an online crypto casino

Drake celebrated with French Montana, a Moroccan rapper, after he won. Not to mention, he congratulated fans for winning lucky draws throughout the stream after each contestant won $25,000.

Towards the end of the video, Drake’s account was down to $8,605,462.48. After betting $944,000 and falling on 11, he won $11.952 million. His balance increased to $20,557,462.48. Nevertheless, by the time the Twitch stream ended, the rapper left with $1,879.83.

Drake can afford to lose millions of dollars

Equally important, Drake has all the resources and a hefty bank account to gamble whatever he wants. Even if he lost millions during the stream, the rapper excels at entertaining his viewers. Hundreds of thousands of his fans watched the video.

In 2018, Drake and Ninja, a popular streamer on Twitch and YouTube, broke viewership records while playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. According to Forbes, Drake’s net worth is an estimated $220 million right now in 2022.

Moreover, one of the top complaints people addressed to Twitch in the past concerned irresponsible gambling. Ludwig Ahgren, Asmongold and Imane “Pokimane” Anys have been the most vocal regarding sponsored gambling streams.

It’s not a good look for teenagers to see Drake win millions only to lose it minutes later. But perhaps his videos could be educational on the importance of gambling responsibly.



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