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If it’s broke, fix it


“Government isn’t designed to do a whole lot. It’s working the way our founding fathers planned for it to.”

At least Tim Williams is being honest about where he’s coming from. The quote is from a story in the News Virginian on Sunday looking at the long-delayed South River Greenway, which I’ve been writing about since my first couple of years in local journalism.

Dirt is finally supposed to turn on the project sometime next year, though I’ll believe that when I see it happening. Three city managers and four mayors, including Williams, have made similar pronouncements over the years.

To be fair, a big part of the holdup is the complexity of getting property owners along the river to sign off on having people walking and biking in their residential and corporate backyards. We’re not talking about a project where the city is, say, the owner of a parcel of land with the money and all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed just twiddling its thumbs waiting for Christmas.

The characterizations to the otherwise in the story from Williams and his successor as mayor, Frank Lucente, are interesting in and of themselves.

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