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Dinner Diva: Seven tricks for creating healthy habits


the-dinner-divaIn case you haven’t heard, we have our brand new, absolutely amazing Summer 30 Day Paleo Challenge happening right now. One of the best parts of these Challenges, in my opinion, is the tremendous amount of support in our private Facebook group.

A few days ago, one of our Challengers posted about a simple little trick she started using to make her smoothies taste better—at least in her mind! That little post of hers got me thinking about how easily we can trick ourselves into adopting a healthier habit.

So I’ve put together a list of seven ways to trick yourself into getting healthier, starting with her trick:

Buy a special glass. If you have trouble getting your smoothies into you, buy a beautiful glass and only let yourself use it when you have your healthy smoothies! In this Challenger’s case it was a Wonder Woman glass! Whatever works, right?

Get a better water bottle. I know a fitness trainer who recommends her clients drink out of a style of water bottle with a straw. It’s easier to get more water into you through a straw than with a bottle with a big wide mouth.

Use a small plate. This is a classic tip but it really works for portion control. You might even wish to eat snack foods on your plate rather than eating out of a bag or box. Helps you to be more mindful of how much you’re eating.

Find nice lunchbox gear. If you’re going to the trouble of sourcing beautiful food for your lunches, give it the respect it deserves and get some beautiful lunchbox gear to eat it from. I personally love bento boxes.

Pop mints. When you feel full, pop a mint. The scent of peppermint will take over your senses and allow your brain to get the message that your belly is full.

Eat with chopsticks. If you forced yourself to only eat with chopsticks for a full week, I bet you would find it a life-changing experience. (Try eating a bagel or a bag of chips with chopsticks, LOL!)

Pamper yourself. Reserve a special selection of bath products for yourself after you do a really good workout.

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