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Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion Friday-Midterm Exam


1.The world’s richest man lives in A) the USA B) Russia C) Saudi Arabia D) Mexico E)Wherever he wants.

2.Approximately what percentage of the world’s Muslims live in the Middle East? A) 80 B) 20 C) 60 D) 40 E) not enough.

3.The worst news of the week was A) The Japanese Tsunami B) Wisconsin ended collective bargaining for their public employees (except police and fire fighters) C) Charlie Sheen’s train wreck continued D) Investors are starting to dump US treasuries because they cannot see investing in the US 30 years out or E) Virginia lost a TEN point lead with 38 seconds to go against Miami in the opening round of the ACC men’s basketball tournament and then lost the game by SEVEN in overtime.

4.According to a phone survey of Republican voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan and South Carolina which candidate is the most likely to win the nomination in 2012? Mitt Romney B) Mike Huckabee C) Sarah Palin D) Newt Gingrich E) Charlie Sheen

5.Lent began this week on A) Tiger Blood Thursday B) Cold Fusion Friday C) Fat Tuesday D) Ash Wednesday E) Dumping US Treasuries Saturday

6.The average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline reached $3.52 this week. Which US city has the highest average price at $3.91? A) Los Angeles B) San Francisco C) Denver D) Chicago E) Washington DC

7.Republicans in Congress want to cut funding of PBS because A) it’s not a core function of government B) it has a left wing bias against the GOP C) it helps them raise money D) we have a 1.6 Trillion deficit and this is just not as important as investors getting out of buying US Treasury notes E) Juan Williams used to work there

8.The last time Vice President Joe Biden was seen in public was A) Last April during the Deepwater Horizon cleanup efforts B) the 2011 Super Bowl where he watched his beloved Philadelphia Eagles win the the SB for the first time ever C) on the Wheel of Fortune Valentine’s Day Special D) at the ribbon cutting for the newly refurbished Scranton Waffle House E) Who’s Joe Biden?

9.The best news of this week was not seeing A) Nancy Pelosi once B) Jesse Jackson sing “We Shall Overcome” in Madison, Wisconsin C) Michael Moore rally the crowd in Madison (yes, he was there – just happy I didn’t see that. If a tree falls and….) D) Crude oil prices top $110 a barrel yet E) an ad for Tiger Blood – yes, Virginia there is a drink by that name in Australia.

10.The greatest threat to the middle class in the United States is A) 107 trillion dollars in unfunded entitlement liabilities B) Charlie Sheen on Skype C) Facebook D) The Governor of Wisconsin E) the unintended yet dangerously corrupting influences of big government and big corporations working together for their mutual benefit.

11.Man’s best friend is A) his dog B) his television C) unavailable for golf this weekend again D) unlikely to know his birthday and even if he did, wouldn’t even buy him a beer E) a bowl of non fat vanilla yogurt with All Bran.

12. The color of John Wayne’s Prius would have been A) Lobotomy Red B) Lobotomy Blue C) Lobotomy Green D) Lobotomy Orange E) Okay Pilgrim, Black and White.

13.The price of airline tickets should be based on A) Supply and Demand B) A formula set by the government C) Body Mass Index D) Body Mass Index E) Body Mass Index.

14. The World Cup of Rugby is scheduled to take place this September in what country? A) New Zealand B)Australia C)Ireland D) Great Britain E) Not the USA

15.The best beer is A) Murphy’s Stout B) Chimay Ale C) Smithwick’s Ale D) Bass Ale (not a top 5 for me but if I didn’t put it in here I would never hear the end of it from a friend who is beyond obsessed with Bass Ale. Oddly, he will drink a Mai Tai with one – seriously) and the obvious best beer is E) very cold and free

16. Rugby is to beer what soccer is to A) scoreless ties B) games where no score is even kept C) John Wayne’s Prius D) fifth place trophies E) watching Joy Behar on The View.

Extra Credit

1.Merit Pay for Teachers or Congress? Pick one.

2. Wisconsin Unions campaigned for a candidate for POTUS in 2008 who ran on a platform of Hope and Change. How’d it go?

3.The Obama Administration will lift the moratorium on offshore drilling after what national holiday in September?

4. March Madness 2011 will be led by A) Charlie Sheen B) BYU’s Jimmer Fredette C) the bond market

5. Is St. Patrick a saint?

Column by Chris Saxman



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