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Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion Friday


Thank God for Thin Mints. Yes, Girl Scout Cookies are in season which means the ACC basketball tournament is right around the corner.

I recently found out that Edy’s Ice Cream uses them. Sadly the container I bought also says “1/2 the fat …” I stopped reading at that point. Back to the Thin Mints – they should be available year round and there should be a law demanding it.

If ABC stores can be closed on Sundays, then Thin Mints can be sold in September. Just saying…

So, Wisconsin and Indiana Democrats fled their state legislatures and headed to which state in the Union? Right, the one closest to filing for bankruptcy – Illinois. The home state of the POTUS, former Illinois State Senator Barack Obama whose career in the state senate, I am sure, had more than a few votes piling up legacy and debt costs. We’ll discuss that next year I’m sure. MUWAHAHAH

Whether or not you agree with the Great Lakes Democratic zeitgeist of taxing, spending and repeat, the reality is that if you campaign to be sent to Madison and Indianapolis to do the work of the people, shouldn’t you report for work? That’s a tough sell in the next election unless of course you have a four year term and were just elected. Then you have three years for things to calm down. Still, punting on first down is bad form.

With all the turmoil in the Middle East, gas approaching $4 a gallon even faster than I predicted, and Great Lakes legislatures behaving like the crowd at a WalMart sale the day after Thanksgiving, I have decided to move the re-election of President Obama from LIKELY Democrat to TOSS UP thus bypassing LEAN Democrat.

Here’s why – The Great Lakes Region is a must win for the Democrat(ic)s. Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and partly Minnesota and New York. Without Minnesota and NY – that’s 95 electoral votes. Illinois is still probably safe for Obama but the others will be in play which means more money will be spent there versus Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina.

If you are playing on your home turf in October – you lose.

I had a great conversation with one of the leading Democrat organizers in the state and she told me that while she does not see a challenge to Obama from within the party, she thinks he is moving to the middle. Yes, this was after all cheese broke out in Wisconsin. Incredulous to that, I suggested he was still far left of the center and the centrist voter/independent could be gone for good. And that’s not all…

The stimulus money that went out to the states for their 2010 and 2011 budgets is drying up for the 2012 and 2013 cycles which means the methadone clinic is closing and it’s time for withdrawal symptoms. The convulsions you are witnessing on the infotainment news channels are the DTs for public sector.

The choice is this – raise taxes to fill the stimulus crater or make cuts. It’s that simple. Since the electoral message from 2010 was no tax rate increases, make the cuts. That’s what is happening in the states where the legislatures convene early in the year. Heck, even Cuomo’s kid is refusing to raise taxes in New York.

Why is this not happening at the federal level? They don’t have to, by constitutional mandate, balance their budget. Yes, I know that you know but you know we just have to say it over and over, ya know?

Please thank Congressman Bob Goodlatte for introducing two balanced budget amendments for consideration by the US House. 202-225-5431…just call and say thanks for being right.

Before you get all “but we need to exempt the defense budget in case we go to war” as a reason to oppose the amendment. No, going to war should not be a reason to blow a hole in the budget. If you want to go to war – fine – just raise the taxes to pay for it. If it is that important to send young men and women to die in distant lands for people *stop the rant here* 3…2…1. okay. If it is so important to go to war then it is important enough to pay for it.

Winners this week politically? Scott Walker and Mitch Daniels. Hands down. John Kasich gets the bronze. Losers – teacher unions, Obama and Wisconsin/Indiana Democrat(ic)s. Where’s the clicker?

It’s getting to playoff season for NHL Hockey, the NBA and American Idol which means it’s safe to watch. Almost…we’re not quite there yet….February is still with us.

On a happy note – Mary Kathryn made the National Honor Society *sniff*. Still remember this lemon dress she wore when she was three…I gotta go….I’ll be okay. really. She graduates in May. Feeling like John Boehner and Dick Vermeil…turn on the news Chris…turn on the news….that’ll make me cry – for her future. ON WISCONSIN!!! GO HOOSIERS!!! (i’ll never root for the Buckeyes…but maybe just this once…)

Thin Mints! Looks like a LEAST one sleeve tonight!

Column by Chris Saxman



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