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Chris Saxman: Cold Fusion Friday


Cold Fusion Friday Before Valentine’s Day – Feb 14 – my mom’s birthday!

Coming to you from the heart of downtown Norfolk, I would like to thank all the readers who caught my typo in last week’s email about employers/employees in the Unemployment Insurance topic. Thanks also to those who see the need to reverse the flow of subsidy from unemployment to EMployment. Now, call your elected reps.

On to this week. The big news is still Egypt and while some took my ignorance of the situation as intentional, I can assure you that it was not at all. I am quite concerned about Egypt and its potential move to a government run by the Muslim Brotherhood. The fact was and remains that I am not qualified to comment on the inner workings of Egyptian politics and culture. No elections. No jobs. No booze. Small wonder why they have a revolution on their hands.

I do share the opinion of George Will that the Obama administration is not to blame for not knowing that this was going to happen. Like every other country in the world, we did not see this one coming just like we did not see the market collapse in the fall of 2008.

Blame and recriminations never solve anything; however, the handling of the situation in Egypt by the Obama administration has not done anything to advance our standing in the world. In fact, it continues to shrink. As columnist Rich Galen said, “this one is his”.

If it works out like Berlin in the 80s – awesome. If it work out like Teheran in the 70s – uh oh.

Obama has tried to tie the entire financial crisis and resulting recession on the GOP and Bush 2 despite the fact that was elected to the US Senate in 2005 and then chose to run for POTUS in the same year. Even if you ride the bench, you are there and cannot claim otherwise. They don’t give out Super Bowl rings to just those who played – everyone on the team, injured or otherwise, gets one. If you lose, you were a member of the losing team. Wait, this is politics…never mind…

While any objective person can see that both parties are responsible for our economic/fiscal situation, foreign policy is the sole domain of the executive branch. Galen’s right. This one is Obama’s and could seriously threaten his re-election if Egypt goes hard line or this spills over into other areas of the Muslim world. Barack Hussein Obama. I’ll take Bad Narratives for 270, Alex.

What percentage of Muslims in the world live in the Middle East? About 20%. Uh oh…

Some are suggesting the delicious irony of celebrating the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest presidents of ever who is credited with the downfall of the Soviet Empire, during this foreign policy crisis. I am not among them but it does call to mind Lloyd Bentsen’s famous jab at Dan Quail (yes, I know it is Quayle)….remember? “I knew Jack Kennedy and you’re no Jack Kennedy”.

How so? Well, the narrative that is being developed on the Obama re-elect was supposed to be like Reagan ’84 – economic comeback, morning in America again etc. Greatness. Not happening. We knew Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan. Not even close. Heck, a recent Iowa GOP Caucus focus group had a majority of the participants questioning whether Obama is Muslim or not. Why was Clinton pictured coming out of church with a Bible in his hand just about every Sunday morning? I digress….but…..pictures speak louder than words regardless of speaking skills.

Both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama are probably two of the top five presidents ever when it comes to being able to deliver a speech. The difference? Reagan said something memorable because he believed it to his core. Obama? Great speaker. Amazing. There’s just something missing in his communication skills and I think it is, sadly, sincerity. I just don’t think he sees America as a great country with a purpose in this world. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just don’t think he feels our pain, pride or place. Reagan grew up in Illinois, the heartland. Connection

Obama grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, the islands. Dis.Connection.

Question for you. My thoughts will be shared next week, but feel free to reply now.

Would Ronald Reagan be nominated for POTUS in today’s Republican Party? Remember he lost twice before winning in 1980.

The NFL season is over and my beloved Steelers were unable to win their 7th Super Bowl. I said that turnovers decide games like those and I was right – unfortunately. Congratulations to the Packers. Good game. We’ll be back! How’s this for a statistic – 45 Super Bowls and the Steelers have been in 15 AFC Championship games. 1 out of every 3 years. WOW. I did enjoy watching Staubach hand the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Bradshaw. The Steelers lost and the season is over, on the other hand baseball is right around the corner and the Pirates have already lost their season – they lost the first arbitration case of the off season. They had a pitcher go 1-11 last year and he got a 1.5 million dollar salary increase off a base of about 450,000. Increase. 1.5 million for one win on top of the 450. Teach your kid a backdoor cutter and a change up…just sayin….

The Grammy Awards are Sunday – so be sure to pick out a good book because you won’t miss a thing by not watching that show. C’mon Sax….you never know…it could be fun and interesting! Really? REALLY? Did you make it through the Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl half time show without just one suicidal or homicidal thought? Heck, I briefly flirted with becoming pro-choice watching that one. Mubarak should have hired that show – would have cleared the square, the suburbs and the Suez in an Egyptian minute.

Column by Chris Saxman



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