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Bridges from the past to the present


Column by Marla Cilley

As I look back on the past year asked my members what was one of their Go Me Moments. I had to ask myself the same question. What had happened that was an accomplishment for me, and what had changed my way of thinking?

The biggest accomplishment for me was when Leanne and I went to Utah and read our book, Body Clutter, aloud. I have never been comfortable reading out loud. Spending a week with Leanne as we read was the turning point in my oral skills. She taught me how to read. Well, I knew how to read, but not without awkward pauses. Her simple analogy of scallops gave me the visual I needed to make the words flow from my mouth. I learned to read to a conjunction or a comma, then pause slightly and proceed. Thanks, Leanne, for helping me to overcome a fear and giving me the gentle coaching while making me laugh. I will never forget it. 

In the years past, I never really thought about high school and the people that I grew up with. They were in the past, and when you have a busy life, high school friends don’t usually come into your train of thought. A year ago, I joined the social networking site, Facebook. At first it was for my members to have a place to challenge each other and help one another. It has become a blessing in my life.

Over this past year of reconnecting with old friends, I have watched us grow stronger with our mutual love and support. We watched the courage and faith of one of our friends as her light of this life faded, and she went on to shine in the heavens. She reminded us daily that we are sunbeams touching those around us and to make the most of every precious moment. I may not need the people from high school in my life, but they are a part of me, and I look forward to seeing them on my Facebook page every morning. They bless me with their wisdom and love!

I don’t know if the software engineers knew when they built Facebook a few years ago that it would bless so many people. Facebook started out just for Harvard students, and then it expanded to other universities. Now it has hit the Baby Boomers, and we have taken it to a new level.

We have renewed old friendships, made new ones and found lost loved ones. My sisters and I found a first cousin we had not seen in 40 years. It was so great to see pictures of her children and realized that we had both named our sons Justin. It truly is a small world, and Facebook helps to shrink it.

I think the greatest thing about Facebook is that it is a newspaper filled with headlines and inspirational messages from our friends and family. Who knew that a computer could keep us connected! It is a bridge to our past and to our future. With this connection we are blessed with a present! Our friends can give us the gift of laughter every day! The only problem is that we could stay on Facebook all day.




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