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Newbie’s guide on horse betting

horse racing
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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in history as it existed many centuries ago. But the full betting games it houses is the big reason why it retained its popularity throughout the years. More than that, the prizes at stake are huge both for the entries and the wagers.

But, what makes horse racing a fulfilling sports to watch compared to other games? Do horses give the same leisure and entertainment as typical sports? You may ask yourself these questions, especially that the leading superstars in a horse racing tournament are thoroughbred colts and fillies.

Well, the horse racing community has entitled horse racing as the “Sports King.” The type of entries doesn’t matter because the betting games are the most significant components you need to consider. As you can observe, betting games like football, soccer, boxing, and the likes involved two competing teams and gambling is limited.

When it comes to horse racing tournaments, a single game gets participated by more than ten entries and that you won’t have any idea who will win until the last second drops in the finish line. Also, the betting games are more comprehensive that gives you a better opportunity of winning. If you’d like to learn more about horse racing, here are some basics you need to know.

Horse Racing Bets and Terms

How to bet on horses? It’s easy and exciting. As mentioned, a single horse racing game gets competed by a minimum of ten thoroughbred racers. Regardless of the type of racing field they compete, the betting categories stay the same. Here are the common bets and terms you should familiarize to begin with.


It is the most straightforward bet game you can play in horse racing since you only need to pick the entry you think will win the race.


If you are not sure who will win, you can bet for a horse racer via place category that will end up first or second.


In case you are still unsure of the two bets mentioned above, you may take your chances via show bets, which allows you to pick an entry that can win either first, second, or third.

Exotic Betting

It is the most exciting betting game you can partake in a horse racing show. It allows you to bet a winning racer more than once. It means that you can gamble an entry for several categories and win altogether if you get lucky. You also have to understand that each group in the exotic betting has rules to follow before you can wage and win. Here are them.


It is a betting game you can play in two on-going races synchronically. You only need to pick two racers who will place either first or second in the two races. You don’t have to worry about who’s going to win first or second because the order won’t matter as long as they’re on top two at the end of the game.


The exacta may sound the same with the quinella bet, but the most crucial factor you should consider is the placement order of the entry you picked. The two racers you choose should win exactly in first and second place referring to the order you bet.


Trifecta is a bit challenging, yet if you hit the bullseye, you are earning big. You need to pick three racers in a specific. You should bet for these horse racers to end up in the right order of being the first, second, and third placer. If your entry finishes the game in the exact order you wage, then you win.


If you would like to win huge prizes right away, you can test your full betting prowess by playing the Superfecta. In this betting game, you must choose four racers to finish precisely at first, second, third, and fourth sport. It may sound harder as it may seem, but you’ll bring home the bacon if you get it right.

Daily Double

It’s another betting game where you must pick a horse racer who can win in two consecutive racing game. It usually takes place during the first two races or the last two.

Pick Three

It sounds the same with Daily Double, but referring to the name itself, it involves betting on horse racer winner in three consecutive races.


There’s always a bigger opportunity to grow your bankroll when you bet on horse racing games. Bear in mind that there are plenty of horse racing tournaments happening all-year-round, and you only need to find your match. Hence, with the betting games laid out above, your chance of learning to bet on horses is a no brainer.

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