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New year, new me: Why you should upgrade your bedroom in 2021

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It is tradition for many individuals to create their New Year’s resolutions after each year ends. It is natural for people to strive to be better versions of themselves. Others search for the “better versions of themselves” by changing their habits, while others take more drastic steps, such as actually changing their environments, quitting their jobs, moving to a new city or country, finding new social circles, or simply stop frequenting their erstwhile favorite places.

A person’s current environment can certainly affect someone’s mood and energy. But why go through such lengths? You can overhaul your environment and your outlook in life by taking simple steps, can’t you?

Fresh start? Start in your own bedroom

One of the great ways of creating a fresh start is by upgrading your bedroom this 2021! The question is, how will you upgrade your bedroom and what are the benefits of it to create a better you? Here are the steps you can take in order to enjoy a more relaxed disposition throughout the day:

Scented candles and essential oils

Scented candles and essential oils can be a great addition to your room as it nourishes your environment. The scent and aromas can help you revisit the best parts of your favorite smells, and it can alter moods. These items can be a good aid for you to relax this 2021.

Mattress in a box

A dirty old mattress can be the source of your everyday stress as you are uncomfortable while you were supposed to be relaxed while asleep. Aside from discomforts, an old mattress can be a source of dirt and diseases. It could also house some bedbugs.

This discomfort can cause your inadequate sleep and can possibly affect your day’s productivity. A good night’s sleep defines your physical, emotional, and mental health. This 2021, better get a good night’s sleep.

One of the bedroom upgrades you can do this 2021 is by getting a new mattress in a box! A new mattress in a box can help you improve your immune system, lessen your body’s aches and pains, and improve your focus.

A mattress in a box is a great option especially if you don’t want to spend big amounts of money to upgrade. It is less expensive if you get a mattress in a box since buying the mattress online to your home is very affordable.  Plus, there are many choices depending on the individual’s comfort! Know the best mattresses in a box for you.

Declutter your room

It is time to dispose of items in your room that you never use. It is time to tidy up your bedroom. Your bedroom is the place where you rest after a day’s work and it should be a stress-free place.

Clutter can give you the illusion that your to-do list is not done. It will not make you feel calm and might increase your anxiety instead.

Take out the trash from your bedroom to the garbage can. Give your items that you never use to charities, friends, or sell it to a vintage shop.


Succulents became a trend nowadays as not only is it good for room decoration, it also has health benefits while being so easy to take care off.

Succulents can offer us the relaxing feeling from looking at nature even if we are indoors. If you do not have the luxury to go out of town just to look at nature, a succulent can be a good compensation. Aside from making the bedroom more beautiful, succulents can also be good for your health. It can act as an air purifier because indoor air can be polluted with harmful chemicals.

Succulents can brighten the room, boost energy levels, uplift your mood, lessen the stress, and act as an air purifier while being a low maintenance plant. Depending on the kind of succulent, most of them only need a little bit of sunlight and you only need to water it once a week.

Room decorations: Vases, paintings, and photographs

Room decorations such as vases, paintings, and photographs can bring color to a dull looking room. Room decorations can bring a bit of sophistication, but of course it can be done with a budget.

Room decorations can add character in your bedroom. It brings a bit of history and personality. It also can be an expression of authenticity and individuality. Room decorations can be found in your local stores and in vintage stores. Inspirations for new decorations can be found on Pinterest and Instagram.


An upgrade in your bedroom can change your life in ways that you never thought of. If life has been stagnant, maybe a change in your bedroom can give you a change of perspective? A small change is still a change. It does not have to be drastic and it can be something you can reach.  You want a fresh start? Start in your immediate environment. Your bedroom.

Story by Kenn Nichols

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