New voter ID cards in the mail

Voters in local districts that have been affected by redistricting changes will soon receive new voter cards.

The Virginia State Board of Elections will begin mailing cards to affected voters this week. All voters in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County needing updated cards should receive them within approximately two weeks. The voter cards will list the appropriate voting location, precinct name and list the districts applicable to the voter.

Please note that the voter card mailing is an inserted brochure titled “Attention: Important Voting Materials Enclosed”. The new voter card needs to be detached from the brochure and kept for use as identification on Election day.

If a voter’s polling place or election district has not changed then the voter may not receive a new voter card. However, many voters without changes will receive a replacement card due to the process used to pull the data.

If a new voter card is received then the voter should destroy the old card. This new voter card will replace all previously received voter cards.

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