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New VDH COVID-19 dashboard offers deep dive into outbreaks

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The Virginia Department of Health has launched a new COVID-19 dashboard that includes data on outbreaks in medical facilities, licensed residential and day programs, Social Services and Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, summer camps, and K-12 schools.

Currently, outbreaks in long-term care facilities and K-12 schools are displayed in separate public dashboards by VDH. As of December 18, 2020, they will be incorporated into this dashboard.

  • Outbreaks on this dashboard represent specific, identifiable outbreak events that were investigated by local health departments in collaboration with the facilities listed.
  • Outbreaks are listed by locality, facility type and by public health investigation status.
  • COVID-19 cases and deaths linked to one of these facility outbreaks will be listed.
  • Outbreaks are reported for residential or day programs, K-12 schools or summer camps that have at least 30 enrolled students or residents and staff.

Some facilities may have more than one COVID-19 outbreak occurring at the same time in different settings or may have multiple COVID-19 outbreaks over the course of the pandemic. Due to confidentiality concerns, this dashboard reports outbreaks at the facility level, and not in a particular unit or subsection.

  • To help protect anonymity of cases, if fewer than five cases or between zero and five deaths are associated with a facility outbreak, the counts will be represented by an asterisk (*).
  • The dashboard is updated once a week to accommodate for ongoing data collection, quality assurance, and communications. There are inherent delays in public reporting of real-time COVID-19 data.

To find out more about an outbreak or the measures in place to protect the population affected, please contact the facility listed. The dashboard will be available on the VDH website at


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