New theater on track for fall opening

Story by Chris Graham

We’re going on 11 years since Waynesboro went dark to movies. We’re going to have to wait an extra month before we can watch one here at home again.

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“We lost the month of March due to Mother Nature. Basically we lost a month and five days, so we’ve got to add on to the end. But I think an Oct. 1st opening will be good,” said Brett Hayes, the developer bringing the movies back to Waynesboro with his eight-screen Zeus Digital Theaters complex on Lew Dewitt Boulevard.

Crews were at the site on Tuesday laying the foundation. Walls will be going up at the location in mid-May. Hayes had been planning a Sept. 1 grand opening, but the unusually snowy and cold winter pushed that timetable back just a bit.

It’s not all a bad thing. The Oct. 1 opening falls on a Friday night, and puts the new theater in line for the openings of some fall blockbusters.

“By the time we get into the first two weeks of October and start going into November, that’s when the big movies come out. We’ve got ‘Tron Legacy’ coming out, we’ve got a remake of ‘Red Dawn.’ A lot of remakes coming out of Hollywood. I guess if it was good enough to do it one time, it was good enough to do it twice,” Hayes said.

The schedule will also include a run for the 3D hit “Avatar.” “We’ve had a lot of requests for that,” Hayes said. “And we’ll bring back some of the really good movies that have popped up in the last year or so that will be good to see in this system, to kind of show what it can do.”

Web Extra: Interview with Zeus Digital Theaters owner Brett Hayes

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