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New McAuliffe TV ad highlights restoration of voting rights

Terry McAuliffe
Terry McAuliffe

The Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign has launched a new television ad, “My Dad,” highlighting McAuliffe’s efforts to restore voting rights to disenfranchised Virginians as governor.

Told through the perspective of Eric Branch’s son, Shirra Branch, the ad tells Eric Branch’s story about being treated like a second-class citizen after re-entering society, and how McAuliffe put an end to that by restoring Eric’s voting rights and giving him a second chance.

As Virginia’s 72nd governor, McAuliffe fought Republicans to reverse a racist Jim Crow-era law that disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Virginians, and he restored voting rights to more than 173,000 Virginians — more than any governor in American history.

In the ad, Shirra Branch says, “After serving his time, [my dad] never looked back. He built a business, raised a family, but no matter how hard he worked, my dad was still denied being a full citizen. Gov. Terry McAuliffe changed that when he restored the right to vote for my dad, and hundreds of thousands of Virginians.”


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