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New ghost kitchen serves breakfast to the ‘Boro

By Crystal Abbe Graham

natcho mamas biscuit
Natcho Mamas Biscuit

In March, Augusta Free Press wrote about Orchard Creek and two enterprises with food sold solely on DoorDash – The Joint and Franks Artful Eats.

Listed as “coming soon” in the article was Natcho Mamas Biscuit, a new take on breakfast in the ‘Boro.

The wait is officially over.

Natcho Mamas Biscuit quietly launched on DoorDash April 13 – offering breakfast Tuesday-Saturday from 8-11 a.m. in the Waynesboro area. The first day there were about 14 orders despite no advertising.

Natcho Mamas Biscuit is one of several ghost kitchens operating out of Orchard Creek, the former Waynesboro Country Club, in Waynesboro.

The restaurant, which offers delivery exclusively by DoorDash, is pairing its signature buttermilk biscuit with an assortment of ingredients ranging from bacon jam to Alabama white dipping sauce to fried chicken and cowboy candy.

It took the restaurant staff about 30 days to develop the perfect buttermilk signature biscuit.

“Everything has to be road tested,” culinary director Fred German said. “So your biscuit can’t just fall apart upon arrival, because then the customer experience is diminished. You have to have a biscuit that can handle all of our sauces, our products, and the road. We need to make sure that when it shows up, the packaging holds in such a way, that it’s not already broken into pieces.”

“I will tell you this. I’ve never tasted anything like those biscuits,” said Teresa Gauldin, owner of Harvest Restaurant Group which includes Natcho Mamas Biscuit. “It’s going to be something you’ve never experienced before.”


Natcho Mamas Biscuit menu

  • BJLT: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit stuffed with sweet and smoky bacon jam, baby greens, salt and pepper tomato slices, black garlic aioli. Alabama White dipping sauce (pictured above).
  • Freddy Geez: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit stuffed with SVO fried chicken, smoked bacon, white cheddar, salt and pepper tomato slices. Freddy Geez dipping sauce (pictured below).
  • Mo Hotta: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit stuffed with SVO fried chicken dunked in Mo Hotta Sauce, stacked on dill pickles, cowboy candy. Mo Hotta Dipping Sauce.
  • Mo Jamma: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit stuffed with whipped sweet cream butter, sweet and smokey bacon jam, seasonal fruit jam. Seasonal Fruit jam dipping sauce.
  • Old Faithful: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit stuffed with smoked bacon, fried brown egg, American cheese. Alabama white dipping sauce.
  • Old Fashion: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit stuffed with whipped sweet cream butter & smoked kosher salt.
  • Old Flack: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit stuffed with Edward’s sage sausage, fried brown egg, American cheese, honey mustards. Seasonal Fruit Jam Dipping sauce.
  • Slippery: Natcho Mama’s Biscuit. Gravy with Edwards sage sausage. Seasonal fruit jam dipping sauce.

Menu is subject to change.

Freddy Geez Chicken

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