New ad raises issue with special interest money going to Bob Good campaign

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Photo Credit: jgroup/iStock Photo

End Citizens United has launched a $100,000 digital ad campaign in the Fifth District alleging that Republican congressional nominee Bob Good cares more about special interest handouts than Virginians.

The digital ad, titled “Not Good,” will be accompanied by a website with more information about Bob Good’s betrayal.

Click here to visit the website.

The ad is the first of a 3-video series that will run through Sept.25 on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Hulu, Roku and The TradeDesk.

“How can Virginians trust Bob Good when he’s repeatedly supported corporate special interests over their interests?” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “His record of siding with Big Money instead of Virginia families, like promoting budget cuts to schools, proves that he’ll do nothing to stand up to the corrupt status quo in Washington. Meanwhile, Dr. Cameron Webb, who’s rejecting corporate PAC money and running a people-powered campaign, has dedicated his career to providing quality healthcare to Virginians.”

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