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NCAA Final Four participant predictions

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People, fans of college basketball and sports fans around the world, with March Madness getting closer and closer to us, it’s time to start talking about who might have the best chances to make it to the final stages of NCAA basketball’s biggest dance. With some of the regular household names like Kentucky and Duke all out of the picture for this year’s tournament it’s the perfect time to talk about which schools are looking best to go all the way to the final stances. If you’re a fan of college basketball and March Madness betting, then you’re in the right place.

1. Gonzaga Bulldogs

Whoever does not honestly believe that the Gonzaga Bulldogs is the best college basketball team in the nation right now, please watch one of their games and let their dominance sink in. With an undefeated record that will most likely stay with them until the end of the regular season and a core of players with the likes of Corey Kispert and Drew Timme, also Andrew Nembhard and Jalen Suggs it may be just too much for any other team to handle in this year’s tournament. One more thing, if it’s not because of dominance and talent then let destiny be the reason that Gonzaga takes the Championship. They have gone from and up and coming program to one of the country’s elite destinations for top college ball and a NCAA basketball championship is well deserved.

2. Baylor Bears

Ok so let’s suppose that a team could rise and say “I can take Gonzaga down”. That team would need a lot of things more than just good luck. It’s not farfetched to say that the first thing that team would need would be to play some amazing, almost perfect defense. Oh hey Baylor Bears, did you hear us talking about you? If there is one thing that Mark Vital, MaCio Teague, Jared Butler and Davion Mitchell know how to do is play some excellent defensive ball where opponents are clearly limited and outplayed. Oh yeah and if defense isn’t enough, the Bears are the top 3 point scoring school in the country, so good defense and scoring skills like crazy, man no wonder the word around town is that the tournament is Gonzaga, Baylor and everyone else.

3. Michigan Wolverines

If this season has shown us something, it’s that Big Ten Conference basketball is a melting pot of talent and potential March Madness monsters in the making. First case in hand, the Michigan Wolverines, led by Wolverines legend and former NBA staple Juwan Howard. The Wolverines are a team that can wear you down on both ends of the court and understand the magic of switching stances in an instant to never favor their opponents. Hunter Dickinson and Isaiah Livers alongside Franz Wagner compose a core that is enviable for any other school that has to face them. Their combination of quick but assertive scoring with smart defensive plays will make them a sure threat in the last instances of the March Madness tournament.

4. Ohio State Buckeyes

Remember, Big Ten Conference basketball putting it all out there this season? Accompanying the Michigan Wolverines, we have their most hated rivals, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Coach Chris Holtmann has turned the Buckeyes into a real threat that could’ve easily been No.1 in the nation, hadn’t it been for Gonzaga and Baylor being so damn good. Their offense is a versatility galore with the likes of E.J. Liddell and Justice Sueing running the game. Add to that Justin Ahrens’s ever growing outside shooting skills and Zed Key’s solid defensive approach and you can easily count them as a basketball machine. They can easily breeze through the starting rounds of the Madness tournament and can install themselves in the Final Four if they continue playing the way they are. Who knows, maybe a Michigan vs. Ohio State matchup could be in the horizon, we’ll just have to wait, hope and see.

Story by Daniel Saenz

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