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NBA Restart: Betting guide to make your wager count

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On June 23, the NBA transaction window was opened, giving teams the opportunity they need to sign free agents, and also waive roster players. A series of events then followed that ended with a restart on July 30. If you are a punter looking to place a bet on your favorite NBA team or player, gives you a chance to take advantage of competitive odds in the market.

The first round of NBA playoffs is slated for Aug. 17. Finals are set to begin on Sept. 30. Something that every NBA enthusiast should note is that in the new season, all games will take place in Orlando Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort. This could mean another opportunity for punters to place a bet with

How Many Teams Will Feature in the New Season

Twenty-two teams are taking part in the new season format, 13 from the Western Conference, while the Eastern Conference features nine teams.

Placing a Bet on NBA after Restart

NBA restart comes at a critical point in the basketball history. Every player is eager to hit the stage at Disney World Resort to drive a point home. That is not to mention that punters who have been waiting for the restart are looking to place their bets on the best teams, players, and game props. Thus, a critical question everyone is asking at this point is, how does one place a winning bet on NBA games?

Well, to place a successful bet on upcoming NBA games, you should have a good bankroll that will see you through the season. For a novice, you should note that the NBA betting landscape is unique compared to other sports. First off, you should closely follow the making of money lines for the new NBA season. It is a strategy that will get you up and running. After all, every NBA punters always look for a good margin to place their bet. At this point, especially when the leagues are their earliest stages, develop a bankroll plan, stay informed on player stats, including injuries and also pay close attention to NBA season schedules.