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Nancy Carpenter: Support for Occupy Charlottesville

I am writing again to declare my support for all occupations including Occupy Charlottesville.

All over the country, the work is just beginning to address what is unjust both morally and economically.  Here in Charlottesville, the plight of the homeless has been brought into our visual collective consciousness more so than it has in the past.  It will not be an issue that will be swept away.  Another regional issue is the financing of companies that desecrate our environment through mountain top coal removal, by Bank of America and Wells Fargo (both have branches here locally) when they had stated in writing they would not finance these activities.

We also know that Goldman-Sachs is the largest commodities index trader in the world.  When you see those pictures of starving children here and across the globe, remember that Goldman-Sachs hoards the rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat crops till prices, double-triple-etc. all in the name of profit while having no care that a mother may have to decide which child LIVES OR DIES!  Can you look at your own children and decide?

I can only hope that the grandchildren of the children of the children who are exercising their First Amendment rights here and now, will revere the names of Scott Olsen; Kanawha Plaza; Dorli Rainey; Liberty/Zucotti Park; Oakland and Lee Park as we today revere the names of George Washington; Lexington/Concord; Crispus Attucks; Bunker Hill; Thomas Jefferson and Valley Forge.

We as citizens can and should exercise our right to peaceably assemble and speak freely to the government and demand redress as identified in the Bill of Rights.  NO public park or public land should ever be closed to the citizens.  This right was bought and paid for by the blood of patriots in the 18th century and this right is being paid for again by the blood of patriots in the 21st century.

Letter from Nancy Carpenter