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Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

Did you see the news this week about how Virginia leads the country in the percentage of vehicles that have vanity license plates?


Well, let me tell you …


I know I spelled that wrong. W-E-R-V-A-I-N was already taken.

According to a new study by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators …


… 16.2 percent of the 6.6 million registered motor vehicles in Virginia, more than 1 million, all told, have vanity plates on them.


Nope, I’m not criticizing here – because the two cars in my household both have vanity plates.

My wife’s plates read T-E-C-H-9-9, denoting her college alma mater and year of her graduation.

My own plates read A-F-P-H-O-O.

Which spells out …

Alright, Fine, Put His Oxy-10 Outside.

(I had acne as a teen. Bad acne. Even in spite of all the Oxy-10.)

No, actually it spells out Augusta Free Press ‘Hoo – referring, you know, to the business and to my own college alma mater.


Ahem, that’s eight letters – and you only get seven on your Virginia vanity plate.

Which leads me to muse – can you imagine how out of control we would be if we could have eight, nine, 10 letters … or more?

I know there’s a way to figure this out mathematically.


I agree.

The point being, we could only be scratching the surface here, ladies and germs.


Your wish is granted.

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