Must-read tips for great CVs: How to make them stand out

You’re trying to obtain your dream position. But, you still have received no good news from the recruiters. You don’t even have any phone call or email for an interview arrangement.

If you are finding yourself stuck in these situations of job seeking, it’s advisable to get your CV updated. Investing in an excellent CV is never a waste of time since it is a key to open the door to your dream job.

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According to viec lam, an impressive CV can help you beat out other applicants and grab a chance to go further in the process.

However, what should you do to make your CV stand out among hundreds of profiles?

Don’t sweat just yet. Let’s get started to go through the top 10 useful tips for a winning CV.

  1. Follow a clear structure

Imagine that you have to read tons of CVs at a time. Do you want to interpret a complicated or confusing structure?

Well, right now, you can understand why you should make sure that your CV is clear and concise. It will help recruiters a lot.

Of course, there is no way that recruiters can be patient to read all your information if it is expressed in a narrow or messy way. The reason is that they have less time.

Come on, it’s true. The hiring managers will start to scan the CVs by reading them diagonally. So, to draw their attention to your CV immediately, choose a beautiful layout or structure.

  1. Don’t be “show-offs.”

Don’t take my meaning the wrong way. Evidently, you can show off all your talents, skills, and experience in your CV.

Still, a CV is a professional document. So, don’t make it ridiculous with weird fonts, colors, or icons.

To be honest, this way makes your CV impressive, but in a negative way. Recruiters can throw it away in a second.

After all, keep in mind to create a simple, clear, easy-to-read CV. Believe me. It can score a good point for you among bundles of applications.

  1. Straight to the point

Please remember that your CV isn’t a novel or a book. So, don’t tell your life story in your CV.

I’ve seen some CVs of 3 or 4 pages. A lengthy CV is a way of making your recruiters go away from you.

If your CV exceeds 1 or 2 pages of A4, there is no point. Recruiters have no time and patience to read all as I mentioned above.

Therefore, make it short, concise and straight to your relevant elements such as education, experience, and contact information. It can be the best of both worlds – your and their effort and time.

  1. Add exact contact information

Hey guys! A key to your new job is here.

Don’t forget to double check your contact information to make sure that everything is correct.

What if the recruiters want to find and get in touch with you, but they can’t? It is such a pity since you can easily lose your chance.

Thus, put it on the top of the CV to ensure that recruiters can take it at first glance.

Also, consider putting your age in your CV, instead of your birthday. This way can help your recruiters quickly follow your CV.

  1. Highlight your experience

By and large, the experience is the most exciting part of your CV. Of course, recruiters need to make sure that you are a perfect fit for available positions.

So, it is a successful factor for you to pay more attention to your experience. Make it more exciting and relevant to the position which you’re applying.

But, how about no professional experience?

No worries. Spotlight your student jobs or volunteer activities. If you don’t have any relevant practical experience, get started with your school projects or lessons at classes.

  1. Only show proper training or experience

Do you notice that I’m using the word “relevant experience” a lot? It’s significant for you to make a good impression on recruiters.

Again, focus on making your CV short and precise. To do it, you should mention relevant experiences or school projects that match your desired vacancy.

After that, try to make it brief.

For sure, your recruiters don’t want to read a lot of unnecessary elements since they can’t show much whether you will fit their positions or not.

So, read through your job descriptions and pick only practical and on-point experience to add to your CV.

  1. Sort experience/work in chronological order

It’s an excellent point to order your experience, activities, training, and education chronologically.

It will help recruiters quickly skim through your CV and grab important information they want to know.

The newer your experience is, the more vital it is.

  1. Be candid

We all know that you should draw all recruiters’ attention. But attracting their attention doesn’t mean telling a lie. You will easily see your dream job slip away if they figure it out.

And make sure that you’re emphasizing on precise figures. Instead of mentioning your skills in a general way, it’s more useful to indicate the exact level or qualification you are in.

  1. Customize your CV

Your CV can show your personality to recruiters. And every vacancy has its own requirements. Therefore, don’t miss an opportunity to personalize it based on your goal jobs.

Some experiences or activities only work well for a specific job. Then, when you apply for another vacancy, don’t forget to edit it to make it more pertinent.

The hiring managers won’t be happy if they feel that you’re so lazy that you don’t mind updating your CV.

Ending Up

We’ve come through the top 9 tips that you should keep in mind to make your CV stand out among the crowd.

If you are applying for a job now, good luck to you. Be patient and invest more in your CV. Remember that all hard works will be paid off!.

Also, don’t forget to tell me your opinions and share more tips with others by dropping some comments below.

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