Moving to Virginia during COVID-19

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You probably know that moving to Virginia would be no brainer if we lived in ordinary times. Now the pandemic is here and you need to know the situation and any restrictions on moving to the state. You may be longing for the fantastic skylines, beaches, greenery, amazing society, or be moving there for school and work. Visiting a loved one? The guide is still for you. Discover our trusted movers in Virginia and see what you need to know.

The Travel Requirements for Moving to Virginia

Luckily, Virginia does not yet have any major restrictions on travel, especially for people in the US. The only recommendations by the state focus on guiding you to stay safe. You need to know the most basic things that the state recommends. Please follow these steps:

  • Try to recall whether you’ve had flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days.
  • If you are unsure but want more details, proceed to the Virginia COVID-CHECK website and take the virtual symptom test.
  • You will now have better information about your COVID risk, but this will not restrict you in any way
  • Wear a mask if you have serious symptoms – this applies to indoors and is advised in crowded places.
  • You are advised to always carry a hand sanitizer and avoid crowded places.

It is that simple; there is no problem at all for domestic travelers. International travelers are subject to federal restrictions and those from all restricted countries listed on the CDC website cannot travel to Virginia.

Safety and Permitted Activities in Virginia

Once you go through all the above steps and embark on your journey to Virginia, you need to stay safe as the state recommends following all the common safety precautions. For people that are moving in for business, Virginia publishes a list of business activities that are allowed on the state website.

Luckily, for people that are visiting loved ones or going for leisure activities, you will be able to do most of the important things. You can eat at restaurants, go to the beach, surf, go to the zoo, and enjoy many other activities. You will realize that Virginia allows you to do most of the things you would do before COVID-19.

The only hot issue currently for Virginia is schooling. The state may reopen schools soon but it is not guaranteed yet. A student that wants to move to the state in the hope of resuming classes will have to rely on online sessions.

What to Expect and Conclusion

You can see that Moving to Virginia should be easy. You will be relatively safe as Virginia is not severely affected by COVID-19 compared to states that have the highest cases and deaths. However, you need to take precautions and follow the safety guidelines on the state website. Domestic travel is not restricted at all.

When moving to Virginia, you will not be forced into quarantine but you are advised to take the virtual symptom check, wear a mask in crowded places, and sanitize your hands regularly. We can now rest the case of moving to Virginia during COVID-19 here. Be safe and make an effort to protect others. Bon Voyage!

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