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Most important things to consider before moving to the Netherlands

moving to the netherlands
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Located in northwestern Europe, the Netherlands is a gloriously vibrant city bustling with expats, widely known for its individualistic charm. With a unique architectural aesthetic, and tourist attractions galore, the country is picturesque with large expanses of lakes, rivers, and canals.

To uproot your life in its entirety and move to a new country is a formidable task despite your level of preparedness. Meticulous structuring is pertinent to your move. If you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands, there is a wide range of requirements to go over.


Whether you’re looking for an upscale apartment or a quaint cobblestone house, the Netherlands has a myriad of housing options. It has no restrictions regarding the purchasing of property by expats, whether resident or non-resident. However, you must live and be registered in the Netherlands to get a mortgage.

If you hail from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland, a visa isn’t necessary to live or work in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, an application for a residence permit must be given. Permanent residency in the Netherlands can only be granted after having lived there for five years. It is of utmost importance to explore Dutch housing options before you move so that you can preempt the situation. The ensuing task would be shifting your belongings. To even begin wrapping your head around the totality of your possessions is a task in itself- luckily there are a host of removal companies that can properly handle removals to the Netherlands by streamlining your move and making the transition effortless.  The Henneken International Removal company is one of the leading moving companies in the Netherlands. Established in 1870, it is capably outfitted to handle every step of your move. They have options that range from surveying your items, preparing checklists, and handling shipments that suit your needs perfectly.

Registering with your municipality

Once you obtain your residential or work permit, it is necessary to register with the gemeente (municipality) you reside in.

It is a requirement in most municipalities to register within five days of arrival. For this reason, it is a necessity to contact your municipality before your arrival and book an appointment for registration. Once your appointment is set, you will get an authorization letter that lists out the necessary documents for the appointment.

Documents required to register:

  • A valid passport or ID card (except your driving license)
  • A residential permit
  • A contractual agreement of your residence
  • An officially certified print of your birth certificate


The Netherlands’ healthcare system is exceptional and can be compared to that of other western European countries. While considering moving to the Netherlands, it is important to comprehend the kinds of hospitals, primary hospitals in your locality, health insurance requirements, registering with a huisarts which is a general practitioner, obtainability of prescription medications, and more.

In case you require a specialist, a referral letter from your general practitioner is a must to get an appointment.

In case of emergency, 112 can be dialed for medical assistance. The country has well-equipped hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and qualified experts in every field of medicine.

Transporting your belongings

While planning your move to the Netherlands, it is integral to make suitable arrangements to transport your belongings. This can be a harrowing process, which is why several expats make use of moving specialists for this task.

Every step of your move can be properly planned out with the help of relocation specialists. Organizations such as Henneken International Removals can adequately manage your move by deploying systematic solutions while dealing with every step of the planning process.

Moving to the Netherlands takes careful consideration and in-depth planning. Being optimally prepared is necessary to enjoy a stress-free transition. Adjusting to a new culture can be difficult enough as is, without having to worry about nerve-wracking tasks such as removals to the Netherlands. With methodical organization and exhaustive research, you will be adequately prepared to turn the page to this exciting new chapter of your life.

Story by Aashish Gehlot

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