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Most frequently asked questions related to drain cleaning

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Drain cleaning can be a very messy job and most of the homeowners usually are scared about doing it in a DIY way.  Therefore, most of the homeowners often have many questions to ask.

There are few drain cleaner service providers like Dezjato Esgoto available in your area and you can ask these questions.

We have however provided brief answers to all these important questions that many of you too must be having in your mind.

What is the main line?

All the drains and pipes of any building will fall in the main line which further carries entire waste water and then it is transported to the wastewater treatment system of your area.

What can cause clogged drain line?

Following are few main reasons that causes clogging of drain line:

  • Leafing plants
  • Tree sections
  • Broken pipes
  • Debris etc.

The tree roots may grow and block your drain line and cause clogging.

What item I should avoid releasing in toilets and sinks?   

A number of items and things should never be thrown into the sink and toilets. Most important among them are –

  • Strong alcohol
  • Leftover food
  • Grease

All these things can block the drain path and cause clogging.

Why drains smell in basement?

Basement usually produces smell because of damage to the sewer pipe. These can release smell which spreads in the whole of basement and may create problems for all residents.

Why acid should be avoided?

Acid is dangerous that can penetrate quickly into drain lines as it can damage the drain system as well as reduce drain pipe’s life. Pipes may expire much before and homeowners may often end up paying more for maintenance.

What can happen when drain gets clogged?

If drain gets clogged/blocked then

  • Wastewater will not be released
  • Drains may get stuck and it will be full of waste.
  • Difficult to further use toilets, sinks and showers.

How to fix clogged drain?

The best method to clean clogged drain is by using plunger or chemicals. In case, clog is not so heavy then good chemical will be ok. For heavy/severe clogging, homeowners must use plunger or call any drain cleaning service.

Should drain cleaning be done annually, even if no clogging happens?

Preventive maintenance is always better and therefore it is necessary to do annual cleaning even if you do not face any severe drain clogging.

Why my drain clogs when I am extra cautious?

If clogs still happening in spite of you being cautious then remember, you cannot stop all kind of unwanted waste to go down the drains.

Therefore, routine cleaning is very important as clogs may often be because of other issues, like hard water deposits etc.

What methods are used for cleaning drains?

Simple unclogging will need use of motorized drain augers, which drill into clogs and break up. For thorough drain cleaning, hydro-jetter can be good option.

Should I hire only certified drain cleaners?

Plumbing can be dirty job, but just anyone cannot perform hence, certified residential drain cleaning service provider who has right qualification must be hired for such service.

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