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Morgan Griffith: COVID-19 relief, appropriations legislation must be kept separate

morgan griffith
Morgan Griffith

I believe the need exists for further economic relief in response to the damage inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic. I am ready to support a rational package to provide it.

During a call with the Republican Conference, I urged our leadership to keep any coronavirus package separate from the anticipated omnibus measure funding the Federal Government. Of course, Speaker Pelosi may have other ideas.

Once again, congressional leadership finds itself expecting one enormous appropriations bill to address all the needs of the moment. The House should have followed regular order earlier and passed individual spending bills as the law demands.

At this point, at the very least, we ought to pass a standalone coronavirus relief measure. The price of aid for Americans suffering from the effects of COVID-19 should not be forcing Americans to accept an omnibus spending bill produced behind closed doors and loaded with unrelated extraneous provisions and excessive spending.

Morgan Griffith represents the Ninth District of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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