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More likely to have offed Jeffrey Epstein: Clinton or Trump?

Assume, for a second, that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t die of suicide, but as some are speculating, was murdered.

It does strain credulity to buy the notion that a guy accused of crimes that would put anyone else in jail for a thousand years and had, weeks ago, attempted suicide would be permitted means and opportunity to try again.

Then again, it’s also not hard to buy institutional incompetence, even if it’s convenient incompetence, for the powerful men at risk of getting caught up in the Epstein sex-abuse tale as it unfolds.

But, back to the notion that it wasn’t just convenient incompetence that allowed Epstein the opportunity to attempt and complete suicide, but rather an organized plot.

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Donald Trump is trying to sell us on the notion that somehow Bill Clinton had something to do with it, because Bill Clinton was a friend of Epstein, and ostensibly, thus, was among those with something to hide.

OK, so, let’s take the bait there.

Who else was a friend of Epstein, and thus may also have something to hide?

Ding-ding, that’s right, Donald Trump.

Now, deeper dive: who between the two, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, would be more likely to have a plot to murder Jeffrey Epstein be carried out on their behalf?

Bill Clinton is a private citizen, has been for 18 years.

Donald Trump is the current, sitting President of the United States.

Note that the jail that Epstein died in is a federal jail. Had to look that detail up, because you’d assume at first thought that it would have been a state jail.


Answers to Washington.

Huh, funny how that works.

So, the investigation into what happened will ultimately fall under the purview of the attorney general, William Barr.

William Barr, the loyalist AG who buried the Mueller Report.

William Barr gets the final say on what happened to Jeffrey Epstein.

You could read Trump’s public musings on Bill Clinton as deflection.

To be fair, it’s also easy to read it as Trump just being Trump.

He’s heard his name associated with conspiracy theories being thrown out about Epstein’s death, like the one laid out above, and it’s a reflex action in these kinds of situations to say the word Clinton out loud, just as a matter of course.

He lacks the capacity for self-awareness, so, no, he has no clue that the more he does this, the more he makes himself look like he has something to hide.

Which, personally, I’m not buying that he has something to hide, not in this one.

Come on. If Trump had had anything to do with Epstein’s death, you know he’d be bragging about it, and daring anybody to try to do something about it.

Column by Chris Graham

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