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Modern shopping trends: And what it means for you and your wallet

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Our shopping experiences have changed drastically over the last decade. Now we buy everything from clothes and groceries to gifts and even pre-written postcards online. It is estimated that 25% of all purchases will take place online by 2023, and the trend is unlikely to slow down.

Online shopping is so popular because it is convenient, and cheap returns usually mean there is no risk to our choices. But what are the latest new online shopping trends and what they mean for our wallet? From Amazon scanning our bodies to more online deals, here are the details.

#1: Payment Installments

Some of the most visited shopping sites are helping their customers buy the things they want sooner. Not every store will offer it on every product, but you can buy items with what you can afford and enter into Afterpay schemes. This means you get the items you want but agree to pay for them in installments.

#2: Third-Party Codes and Deals

There has been a trend of sites offering codes and discounts for other stores. Some of these have a good relationship with the retailer to offer exclusive promotions while others use savvy technologies to hunt the internet for the best codes and deals.

Yofreesamples is one of the best, listing the best Walmart deals and a range of other promotions for popular stores. If you want free stuff, beauty samples or just some Walmart deals online – give them a try!

#3: Loyalty Programs

Club cards used to be for the library or the gym, but now, every eCommerce platform seems to offer their customers a loyalty card. Signing up may sound like an inconvenience, but if you shop in one place frequently, it could be worth it.

Not every club card will be worth your time, but cards with grocery stores and your favorite retailers could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

#4: Augmented/Virtual Reality

Technology is what enabled us to shop from the bathtub or the bus stop, and it will make those online experiences even better in the future. Some websites have already started to include site functions which allow the consumer to try on the clothes in a new way.

Using technologies such as augmented or virtual reality, the customer is able to enter a virtual wardrobe and see how the clothes fit in relation to their own body shape. This will probably start out with desktop computers and their camera/video function, but 5G connectivity could make it possible on a smartphone in the future as well.

This is truly the future of online fashion shopping. It might be just emerging today, but it is likely that most retailers will have leveraged the technology in the future. But what does this mean for your wallet? Well, it could save us money by avoiding the wrong sizes and having to return items at our own expense.

From Walmart deals today to futuristic online shopping, all of these developments can save you cash!

Article by Maxwell Jacobs 

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