Mobiles are the easiest way to gamble

The chances are good that you are reading this article on your smartphone. More people access the internet from a mobile device than they do from a desktop or laptop computer. Virtually anything you can do on a computer you can do on a mobile and that includes gambling! Gambling on a mobile phone is hugely popular, and this popularity growth is set to continue. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why.


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Long gone are the days of having to head out to a casino or a pub to play slots or table games. That device in your hand is now the gateway to hundreds of casinos and thousands of games. Wherever you go, as long as there is internet coverage, you can gamble! Online games often come in free play mode now so they can be demoed risk-free. The latest slots around can be played for free at sites like Try the newest games with no risk to your bankroll.

Millionaire by mobile

We aren’t just talking about playing penny slots or doing some casual gaming either. It is also possible to become a millionaire via the humble smartphone. This very thing happened a couple of years ago to someone playing Mega Fortune by NetEnt. This lucky punter managed to bag the game’s jackpot which was a whopping €3.1 million!

Games designed for mobile

Developers know that many, if not most, players are logging in via their mobile phone. That being the case, developers optimise the games they produce, so they fit perfectly on any device, regardless of screen size, such as:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android

Most slots are programmed in HTML which means that can be played via the browser on most smartphones.


We are certainly in the midst of the mobile revolution. Due to their convenience, mobile devices are by far the easiest way to gamble right now. Wherever you go, you have huge money-making potential in the palm of your hand!

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