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Mobile application testing and key challenges in it

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Today’s era is the time of the digitalization and mobile applications have contributed much to that. Today with the increased number of the smartphones all around the world, the developers have felt the need of developing the different kinds of mobile applications for different types of customers or users. Thus, it becomes important to check whether the developed application is working properly or not and giving the desired results or not, which is ensured by the mobile application testing. Thus, mobile application testing plays an important role in the field of mobile application development. In this article, we are going to discuss about the mobile application testing and the major challenges which are there in the mobile application testing. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What do you mean by mobile application testing?

Mobile application testing is a systematic procedure under which the newly developed mobile applications are tested for their usability, functionality and also for their consistency. This is an important stage in the mobile application development procedure and is performed by almost all kinds of the application development agencies in the world. If this procedure is not performed by the mobile application development agencies, then there will be chances of the poor performance of the application after the official launch of it, which will result in the bad name of the concerned company or the organization. Thus, it will be better for the organizations to check the applications before they are officially launched, so that any kind of discrepancy in them can be resolved as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the already launched mobile applications of the other companies are also tested by the testing organizations or the app development agencies.

Major challenges of mobile application testing

Following are the major challenges of the mobile application testing. These are:

  • Must be downloadable: The application which has been developed by the developers must be able to download from the web through any kind of the platform, usually known as an application store.
  • Device availability: Having the access to the appropriate kind of the device, in the scenario where there is a huge list of the devices and the operating systems, is another major mobile application testing challenge. This problem can become even more severe if the developers are spread all over a huge geographical portion.
  • Mobile network operators: There are various different mobile network operators all around the world. Some of them use the CDMA technology, some uses GSM technology, while some of them use less common mobile network standards like TD-SCDMA and FOMA.
  • Scripting: The huge variety of the devices makes the execution of the test script a major challenge for the developers. This is because different devices also differ in input methods, keystrokes, display properties and menu structure.

Usually, there are many mobile testing platforms available in the market, but PCloudy is one of the most reputed names among them. PCloudy is basically cloud based mobile application testing platform which helps in the mobile application testing on remote REAL devices. It tests both iOS and android mobile applications. It supports both the manual as well as automated mobile application testing.

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