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Mistakes that you should avoid in data management

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As big data analytics continue to grow at a high rate, an increasing number of firms are opting for digitalization to preserve the relevance and up to date with current pattern. Companies have acknowledged the relevance of data analytics and are viewing data as a resource.

In many cases, the concept of gathering and utilizing data is yet relatively fresh and especially the most conscientious managers and well-run organizations can commit blunders when managing everything.

Here is a list of common mistakes that you should prevent from happening while managing data.

Lack of focus on data construction

Sometimes, organizations don’t invest much in architecture and have limited investments in these data structures. There’s no incorporation among the portfolio organization and manner of architecture. When you spend limited assets and are not fully dedicated to it, the benefits that come are drastically lower.

Overlooking data quality

The effectiveness of a data control program is driven by data integrity and correctness. When adequate safeguards, are in existence data quality may be guaranteed. Management decisions are data-driven, so if the data quality is suspect, the corporation’s judgments suffer.

To avoid such mistakes, EWSolutions data management consulting service evaluates your company’s business plan to give pertinent suggestions on how to leverage best practices and technologies to gain a comparative edge in the market This solution is provided by EWSolutions experts who are business specialists.

Data profiling

Bringing your prospective datasets into consideration, however, means that it only serves your current dataset. Since data is dynamic and can alter at any moment dataset adaptability is critical. Data analysis at the beginning of the program means that subsequent upgrades to the data cleansing phase of the ETL take less effort.

Abandoned applications

If you persist to work on an application that contains defects or unclear regions, its intricacy will increase in the coming years. Someday, the program will cease to perform and you will be forced to rebuild it from the ground up. This problem can be prevented if you make certain that the programs are updated regularly.

Dependent on IT team

Organizations frequently request that the IT team oversee and maintain data management efforts. While it may appear sensible to delegate data management duties to IT, it is also critical to examine other corporate activities to guarantee a very well strategy is preserved.

Absence of framework

A regulatory body is constituted comprised of appropriately trained persons who can monitor effective data management. In the event of a blunder, this ruling body would have the power to demand the truth from personnel involved in the data management effort. This stage should never be skipped as it provides full control over everything.


When commencing on data management, the biggest challenge is to recognize that it is a constant process and thus begin modestly. So, rather than focusing on developing database and data management solutions have they operate jointly to improve productivity. Avoid above mentioned mistakes to create an effective data management strategy.

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