Milwaukee WI: Foxconn launches Smart Cities Smart Futures

businessFoxconn Technology Group, a Taiwan based company and often termed as a futuristic employer, has announced a Smart Cities-Smart Futures Challenge in Wisconsin. The announcement was made in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus and the company hopes that the faculty and students will help Foxconn make another major splash as a futuristic company through its 3 years long initiative worth $1 million. Foxconn also hopes that it can help staff, faculty, and students come up with creative ideas on various projects aimed at developing infrastructure, systems, and housing.

This competition is open for any person who is affiliated with the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, University of Wisconsin System, as well as, the Wisconsin Technical College System. The director of U.S. strategic initiatives for Foxconn, Alan Yeung, made the announcement along with the details of the 3-phase challenge. This competition is scheduled to start in the month of October. The subsequent phases will be held in February and April of the following year. Each phase will feature participants presenting specific projects, which will be judged by a panel of experienced judges. Each phase will, obviously, have cash prizes.

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Prize Structure

The first round of the competition will have 300 winners with a winning amount of $150. The next round will have 50 participants each with a winning prize of $1,500. The last phase of the competition will have a total of 16 participants each with a winning amount of $5,000. The proposals submitted for the first phase will be in the form of emails, pictures, essays, and any other types of proposals. Participants can submit their proposals during late September. The deadline for the submission of entries for the first round is October 31st.

A new website, specifically for the competition, has also been launched by Foxconn. You will find more details about the competition along with the timeline and categories on the website ( Apart from the academic partners, this competition, announced by Foxconn, is also supported by various other groups such as the Wisconsin Technology Council, the Wisconsin League of Municipalities, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the UW Milwaukee Research Foundation, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, and the Wisys Technology Council.

This Smart Cities-Smart Futures competition has put the company in a new role. Some of the participants at the competition visualize the company more than just a mere product innovator. They visualize it as a company which aims at expanding its own presence as a solicitor of ideas and a builder of a community involvement network. According to Yeung, this competition will give an opportunity to the vast talent that is available at the Badger State to submit ideas, participate, and also witness these ideas come to life.

There are various themes for this upcoming competition such as Improving Quality of Life, Optimizing Our Resources and Strengths, Performance and Collaboration, Advancing Smart Manufacturing, Services, and Infrastructure, as well as, Enhancing Sustainable Economy and Environment. Foxconn has also proposed a production campus worth $10 billion along interstate 94 at Mount Pleasant.


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