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Millionaire Gerardo Pablo Gallo shares 5 tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur 

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Gerardo Pablo Gallo is a very well known entrepreneur who has a huge fan base and client loyalty for his company FULLServices. The revenue for his company is worth over $1.5 million and he started up his company at the age of 15.

The young entrepreneur has stated, “Currently, more than 17 million people from different parts of the world use some of the FULLServices Network sites, especially those focused on leisure and entertainment. We have registered our brands in Argentina, USA, Europe, Australia, projecting a physical presence outside the country soon.”

The highly successful CEO wishes to share his wisdom to budding entrepreneurs out there and give advice about how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Sell yourself

Gerardo explains that, “No one’s going to promote your capabilities for you, you’re your own best salesman. I’ve learned that lesson from my father. I know it may be something common, but my parents really deserve recognition.”

The Argentinian creator is very close to his family and has stated that, “Since my childhood, they saw in me this passion for creating things and for entrepreneurship. My father was my biggest fan; he had a folder in his car with clippings of newspaper articles where my work was featured, as well as magazines and prints from my websites. He showed that folder to every person he met. He taught me that networking is very important.”

He believes that networking with people and promoting yourself as a brand is one of the steps towards success. He believes that it is important to sell yourself as an entrepreneur in your community, for it is where you can meet people and build an authentic fan base.

Be persistent

The young millionaire has stated that, “The adventure of entrepreneurship is not easy and can often be lonely. You must be persistent and not give up when you’re faced with failure.” Gerardo has pointed out that it may be a journey of loneliness and obstacles, but through hard work and persistence there will be long lasting results. He believes that entrepreneurs shouldn’t give up so easily, but the perseverance is what brings results.

Failing is normal

Gerardo advises, “There is no failure without success and vice versa. There is no spontaneous success or failure. If you wanted to win the lottery, you would have had to buy a lot of tickets first to finally win. It is the same with failing; it is the product of a succession of events that in the end led to a loss. Whoever says he didn’t have failures is lying. Nobody was born knowing everything. The projects that did not turn out to be positive are those that enrich you and you gain experience from, you should not be ashamed of them.”

Don’t hide your achievements

He has stated that, “There’s a fear sometimes of telling people that you’re successful with a business, as if the goal of the business for money was a bad thing. We need to clean up the image of money. It is common to hear positive comments about a person who obtains a certificate from a course – which is an achievement without a doubt, but the same is not so common with someone who appears with a new German brand car. His friends ask “who did he steal from to get that car? maybe it’s his first vehicle after working for a decade without taking a vacation.”

Gerardo believes that, “The earnings allow you to improve your quality of life for you and your family, as well as access better education and even be in solidarity with other people who have more needs than you. Money is one more asset and we should not see it as something bad. It all depends on what you do with it.”

Take risks when needed

He advises that, “Do not be a conformist, look for new challenges all the time, but do not risk your money unnecessarily. I always say that nowadays we work double shifts; the first job is to generate money, the second to keep it and avoid it to devalue.” Gerardo believes that people should take up opportunities when it comes once in a lifetime and can change things for good.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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