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Mickie James interview: Does she have any regrets leaving TNA?

Mickie_JamesMickie James left TNA on a sort of high note. After months of being an afterthought on the roster, James turned heel and was a big player in the Knockouts division.

Then her contract came up, she was offered a small amount of money to stay on, turned it down, and she was gone.

Any regrets?

It doesn’t seem like it. In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, James talked about her music career, which she feels is taking off with her ability to devote more time to it.

“I’ve been doing a lot with the music. We’ve had a lot more music shows lined up. I’m still working independents, and signings, and working conventions. It’s the same dance always there. But yeah, I’ve been really focusing on getting the music stuff going. We’re talking about working on the third album and trying to get the schematics on that. So we’ll see,” James said.

James talked about her recent visit to the WWE Performance Center, where she worked with new talents and tried her hand for the first time at training.

She doesn’t sound interested in doing that full time, or returning to either WWE or TNA full time.

“I have so much stuff going on right now between the music, and still wrestling, and other side projects I’m working on right now. And with that kind of job, I’d have to give up everything else, and I’m not sure if I’m in a place to do that right now. And obviously that could change tomorrow, but, who’s to say,” James said.

James talked later in the interview about her part in what Trish Stratus called the “Golden Era” of women’s wrestling in the 2000s decade.

“I came in on the tail-end of that. I don’t think I was part of it in its heyday. I was very fortunate to come in when I did and work with Trish and Lita. These were people who were very much in that Golden Era,” James said. “We had some very incredible girls before that whole diva division started that helped mold the scope of that Diva division, like Melina and Beth Phoenix and myself and Jillian Hall. All of us were in OVW [Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory at the time] together so we all were busting our hump six days a week, whether it was training from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon or doing smaller shows. We were pretty much side-by-side that whole time, so it was really cool to make it to the big dance together.”

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