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Men’s workout shorts you need this year

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For any fitness freak, workout attire is one of the most critical factors in a good workout session. The primary item being workout shorts.

The right pair of workout shorts is all you need to get in a good session at the gym or a good run throughout the block. They not only will improve your performance but a fresh new pair of workout shorts always motivates one to go out and break a sweat.

Your mobility and comfort are vital to get in maximum freedom while working out so here we list all the features of men’s workout shorts that you need this year.

Features you need in your workout shorts

Here we’ve compiled the complete list of features that are an absolute must-have for men’s workout shorts this year.

Assessing these features properly according to your preferences and body types is essential to make sure you are comfortable.

Length of the workout shorts

The perfect length of the workout shorts is entirely dependent on the type of athletic activities you partake in.

For a runner, there cannot be any excessive fabric as it will hinder the individual from gaining speed and bunch in the wrong areas. The length of workout shorts for a runner can range between 5 to 6 inches.

For someone that does lifting of any sort, the right lengths would be somewhere between 9 to 10 inches to get maximum coverage over the thighs.

If you’re unsure of your requirements and how it would work for you, 7 inches is usually a standard length that could work well for almost any athletic activity.


Materials play a significant role in both the comfort and the versatility of the workout shorts. Generally, the key features to look out for when assessing the material of the workout shorts are:

  • Moisture-wicking capabilities• Comfortable• Durability• Soft fabric that doesn’t chafe• Odor-resistant properties• Sun protection • Hypoallergenic • Breathable • Regulation of body temperature • Chemical Free

One of the best fabrics that include all of these features is micro-modal fabric or bamboo fabrics. Additionally, these fabrics are sustainable and eco-friendly and can be the perfect match for any performance wear.

Another popular choice is blended fabric containing nylon and spandex that provide grip and support for all the lower parts of your body while maintaining their shape.


In this smart world, pockets are quite literally the essentialpart of any activewear. Everyone needs to have their phones off them at all times and large enough pockets to carry them around everywhere.

From the regular easy to slide pockets to zipped pockets, choosing workout shorts with the right pocket size is a critical factor for getting the most out of them.

While regular slide-in pockets are easy for you to slip things in quickly, zipped pockets offer more security and protection and decrease the chances of your precious phone falling out during workouts.

The fit of the shorts

Choosing the right fit is entirely up to the person wearing them. You can opt for more form-fitting options that give support and structure while working out or you can opt for loose fit workout shorts that are airy and breathable for you carry out your workouts seamlessly.

Match your style

Last but not least, the style of the workout shorts matters a lot. I mean who doesn’t want to look great while working out?

From slim-cut shorts to reflective material, there is a variety of colors and styles that you can choose from and build your workout aesthetic.

You can keep things simple with basic black shorts or opt for something more colorful to achieve an exclusive look that matches your style perfectly.


By understanding the features of men’s workout shorts that you need this year, you can undoubtedly cop yourself some trendy and comfortable pairs that will last you for a long time and might help you find your perfect pair.

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