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Mega yoga bonanza scheduled from 1st -31st May 2019 at Indore, India

Credit: VadimGuzhva

A mega yoga event is scheduled in Indore, (Madhya Pradesh, India) in the month of May. The event will be held at Doctor Verma’s Farm House, Vishal Nagar, Annapurna road, Indore. The event will take place in the month of May. It will start from the 1st of May and conclude on 31st May 2019.The event is organized under the guidance of Dr R C Verma, who is a renowned orthopedist and a very popular Yogacharya of Indore and India.

This mega Yoga Bonanza will mainly target treatment of different type of diseases Yoga and Natural Therapy. It is also help in understanding the concept of yogic life and spiritualism and its importance in the modern world. The event is held in Indore every year in the month of May. This time, special attention is being paid to make it popular at a national level and worldwide. The aim of the event is to popularize Yoga and it also focuses on promoting a long, happy and healthy Yogic lifestyle across the world.

This event is divided into three main phases. All the participants will have to undergo a medical test, which will take place under the guidance of experienced doctors. Medical testing would take place from 1st to the 4th of May 2019. This would determine the present health status of the participants and they would also be able to discuss their present ailment or disease with the doctors.

All Participants will then undergo a weekly yogic training course in which they will learn how they can deal and cure their specific ailments through Yoga, Pranayam (breathing techniques) Dhyan (meditation) and Naturopathy. They will also learn the importance of diet and discipline in life. This weekly yogic training will start from 5th of May and will continue till 12th. After that all the participants will undergo another couple of weeks of general Yoga training that it starts on 13th of May and will last till 31st of Ma 2019.May 2019.

This event is taking place under the able guidance of veteran popular orthopedist of indoor and yogi Dr R.C Verma (FRCS, London). Doctor Verma, is known to treat most of his patients through yoga. He has been practicing yoga for over 50 years and is one of the pioneers promoter of yoga in Indore and across India. He is also the founder of Patanjali Yog Vidyapeeth that has been operating since 1998 and has produced world class trainers for last 20 years.

As per Dr. Verma, “Many people have misconceptions about yoga and yogic life. Lots of people confuse it with classical Lifestyle. We are trying to promote a long, happy, healthy and purposeful life through yoga. Yoga might start with Yoga Asans (body postures), but it is not ends there. It is not limited to healthy life. Yoga basically means understanding the whole Cosmos and be at peace with it. It is the discovery of Cosmos within being and unconditional acceptance of life as it is and most importantly, leaning to be at peace with it.”

Dr Verma and his able team have successfully cured simple ailments like obesity to complex cases of cervical, diabetes, migraine and depression. The event it is managed by set of volunteers who are working hard to make it successful.

An enthusiastic volunteer quoted, “Our target is to help people as much as possible in this coming month of May. We will try to promote Yoga as much as possible so that all the participants are not only able to understand the concept of Yoga, but they are also able to continue it on their own after the event is over.”

Another volunteer informed us that the event will specifically focus on women’s related health issues. It will also pay special attention to children’s personality development. “Modern lifestyle has become such that most of the children nowadays are not used to enough physical exercise. They are used to easy and comfortable life, that is unhygienic and unhealthy. There and their prevention does not have enough idea about healthy diet and nutritive values. This this course would also focus on introducing yoga to children so that they can understand the importance of health and exercise. Lots of yogic exercise are helpful in handling study stress and can improve their memory and concentration”, he quoted.

Modern lifestyle has become very stressful and people are finding easy ways to escape reality. They are looking relief in online casinos Philippines, and are easily getting accustomed to irregular and unhealthy lifestyle. This has resulted in development of of complex health issues that it needs to be addressed at the right time if they have to be controlled and cured. Yoga is one of the best and natural ways to go for it.

“ Yoga has changed my life drastically, It has not only made me healthy and happy, but it has also enhanced my understanding towards life. I have been associated with Patanjali Yog Vidyapeeth for past 20 years and I simply love the positive energy every time I enter its campus. I am happy being a volunteer and I am looking forward for the event.”, a happy volunteer was quoted.

Registration process has already started and forms are available offline as well as online. An enthusiastic team of volunteers is constantly working day and night for last couple of weeks and it looks that their hard work is likely to pay rich dividend in the coming month. Though, the event does not have any commercial targets. Most of these volunteers contribute their efforts as a social service and do not charger penny for it.

The registration fee for adults is INR 100 and for kids ranging from 5 to 12 years is INR 50. However, there are arrangements for free entries to the needy and poor participants as well. In order to get more details about the event and registration process, please contact Mr. Nigam (91 98272-20163) or Mrs. L.Pandey (91 94240-52813)