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Median project to enhance safety on Afton Mountain

A project to help increase safety by reducing median cross-over crashes has been awarded by Commissioner of Highways Gregory A. Whirley on April 3.  The $2.7 million contract is awarded to Bullington Construction Inc. of Indian Trail, NC.

The project is located on Interstate 64 on Afton Mountain near the borders of Augusta, Nelson and Albemarle counties.  The project extends from mile marker 97.1 to mile marker 106.6.  High tension cable barrier will be installed along this narrow median area.  This project is similar to the recently installed cable barrier project in the Harrisonburg area.  The barrier can help reduce cross-over crashes by stopping or deflecting vehicles and absorbing some of the crash energy.

The barrier will be placed eight feet from the edge of the travel lane, alternating from setting on the eastbound side to the westbound side based on the curve and grade of the road and ground.  Any existing substandard guardrail in the median and on the shoulders will also be replaced.  Guardrail serving as rock fence will also be replaced.

Work on this project will begin in late spring 2012 with completion by May 31, 2013.

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