Media had to stop writing about these overhyped stories

mediaCan you smell it? It`s a scent that most people can’t even catch, they don’t notice it at first and only professionals with ultra-sensitive noses can smell it. This is a very complicated fragrance that for some people may seem sweet and for some sour or even bitter. It’s a smell of sensation, of course! Media frenzy can be created in a matter of seconds and that fire of opinions and judgment in society is incredibly hard to tame. There are certain topics which still evoke people’s interest after years and years, and still become a target of media attention despite the fact that they carry no social value whatsoever.

One of those preposterous media stories that still somehow is incredibly popular among people of all ages is the situation with the Jennifer Anniston – Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie love triangle or whatever that was. It’s understandable why tabloids would write about it, those are always thirsty for “exclusive” details on the lives of celebrities but surprisingly enough, even well-respected media outlets like “The New York Times”, “The Washington Post”, and “The Guardian” have also got involved into this hype around the actors’ divorces and marriages. And it’s far away from being the only time when serious reputable newspapers have joined the frenzy game.

There are those stories which seem absolutely not newsworthy and yet, somehow, they end up everywhere, on every page of the newspapers and websites. However, we must admit that printed and TV media are more selective when it comes to broadcasting some sensational stories. Mainly because they have a limit of time (if it’s television) and space (if it’s a newspaper or a magazine). Do you think there are still websites which can provide you with high-quality information without over-exaggeration and unnecessary facts in texts? Of course! And we even know for sure that the team of essay writers of this website will even help you with writing an essay or an article if needed.They wouldn’t definitely resemble any of the media stories we’re about to share.

Manipulative Colors
It’s hard to find a person who isn’t familiar with this overhyped series of articles which has caused a true madness all over the Internet. There was a dress which refused to show the same color to people who were looking at it. For someone, it would seem black-and-blue and for someone it was gold-and-white. How is that even possible and what kind of trick is that? Media were trying to give the answers, however, those explanatory articles seemed to be stimulating even more interest towards the issue.

Kim Kardashian was the one who made that infamous picture go viral with just one tweet. She asked her followers what colors they see and shared that she and her husband, Kanye West saw the colors differently. Her tweet got 22, 422 retweets and that’s how the frenzy started. It wasn’t all bad though. Because of this wave of media attention, the actual scientific research was started in order to find a solid answer. This research resulted in some groundbreaking scientific discoveries and the overall development of ophthalmology.So it did have a positive outcome after all. Now, this piece of fabric has its own Wikipedia page called “The Dress” and is still getting some media attention from time to time despite the fact that the picture was published in 2015.

Wedding Bells Are Too Loud
The media circus around Megan Markle and Prince Harry is hard to understand. With all due respect, we’re sure that many people one way or another wish the young couple the lifetime of happiness and joy. However, society also wishes that the news about the royal wedding wouldn’t pop up so often on various websites, in the newspapers, and on television being labeled “the news”. It’s one thing that British media outlets are obsessed about it (Harry`s believed to be their favorite member of the royal family) but now, taking into consideration that Megan Markle is an American, basically, the whole world (because the USA has that kind of power) is talking about it. No, in fact, they are screaming about this at every corner.

Shock, Horror, and Life-Threatening Situation. It Was All Fake
Now, let’s switch from an entertainment sector which is always involved in such media craziness to a more serious field like people’s health. Not just health, but the planetary-scale deadly threat that was imposed by Ebola virus. Do you remember that story? Of course, you do! Media outlets were writing about it 24/7. And it’s not like all of them had a direct intention to focus people’s attention on this issue in order to distract them or frighten them, they just wanted to keep the madness going in order to get more followers, views, and advertisement, and money.

Later, it turned out that Ebola virus wasn’t even half as dangerous as it was described in the media. When one nurse who came back from South America appeared to be infected, headlines were absolutely ridiculous and didn’t represent a truth at all. They started writing about “infiltration” and “invasion” of the virus into the USA. Honestly, it does sound scary if we choose to believe those headlines.

We’re Going Back to Our Roots
Meaning that we’re going back to the times when humanity was dying from diseases which nowadays, can be easily prevented by vaccination. It`s probably one of the most controversial topics and media turned it into one. Back in a day (like 10 years ago), society didn’t question benefits of vaccination because it seemed to be a clearly smart and necessary move of all parents who wanted to keep their babies healthy and alive. However, a couple of articles have started the hype which was spreading all over the world like wildfire.

Newspapers started writing about alink that was found between vaccination and autism in children. There was no accurate representation of original results of a scientific research and a further research showed no signs of such link. However, the idea of vaccination harmfulness got into such depths of society’s conscious that it’s almost impossible to get it out. As a result, a rate of vaccine-preventable diseases has increased.

Gluten Free is Our Motto
Do you look at the package of food which you buy looking for a label “gluten-free”? Did you know what gluten was a couple of years ago? It’s great that people started eating fewer hamburgers, cakes, and doughnuts because they may contain gluten, but it’s great because this food contains too much empty carbs and sugar. Let’s set things straight. Does gluten exist? Yes, it’s a protein that can be found in wheat, barley, and rye. Is it harmful? No, unless you have a Celiac disease which is an official and very serious medical condition that doesn’t allow you to eat gluten at all because doing so may cause a major digestive disorder.

Only 1% of the world population suffers from this condition and if you do have a certain unnatural response to gluten you would most certainly know about it. This whole gluten-free movement was just a great marketing trick of companies which wanted to sell food that will not contain that “horrible” type of protein. And this campaign was backed up by media which wouldn`t stop writing about it.

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