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McEachin town hall addresses postal delivery issues in Church Hill

Donald McEachinCongressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) hosted a postal town hall in Church Hill to provide an opportunity for his constituents to voice their concerns and share their experiences regarding mail delivery issues directly to him and the three local USPS representatives who attended the town hall.

“The postal issues that are affecting my constituents must be remedied quickly. Missing mail and other delivery issues can have serious impacts on my constituents such as unnecessary late fees and failure to receive important legal documents. These days, folks depend on the mail for everything from food deliveries to prescriptions to time-sensitive bills and documents,” said Congressman Donald McEachin. “I hosted this postal town hall to hear directly from my constituents and so the USPS could learn the scope and severity of the problems. Taxpayers deserve to receive the best possible services from the programs that their tax dollars support.”

During his tenure in Congress, Rep. McEachin has received almost 100 complaints about missing mail and other frustrating mail delivery issues. Congressman McEachin is committed to working with partners at the local, state, and federal levels to address this problem so people of the 4th Congressional District receive their mail in a timely, reliable fashion.

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