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McEachin statement on President Trump’s shutdown speech

Donald McEachinCongressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) issued this statement following President Trump’s speech given on Day 29 of the federal government shutdown.

“This past week, both in Washington, and since I have been home, I spent time speaking with constituents about the government shutdown. My constituents want the government opened. Frankly, they never wanted it closed. Both yesterday and today, I volunteered at food banks distributing food to unpaid federal workers and heard of their ever-increasing struggles.

“I listened to President Trump’s speech and I heard nothing about our dedicated federal employees. I heard no acknowledgment of their suffering or that we are here because of the President’s intransigence.

“We need to open the government and then we can discuss and resolve these border security issues. We need to return federal employees to their jobs and their paychecks, return services to the American people and then I know there is no issue we cannot work together, negotiate and resolve.”