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McEachin on House Republicans’ rescission package

Donald McEachinCongressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) comments on his vote against the House Republicans’ rescission package that would, among many other harmful changes, leave fewer healthcare resources for millions of American children.

“The Children’s Health Insurance Program – otherwise known as CHIP – is the historically bipartisan program that has sought to ensure our most in-need children have access to health care. Without even the benefit of hearings, the Republicans decided to eliminate $7 billion in funding for this critical program—funds that could otherwise be used to improve public health. I voted against this bill because we have an absolute responsibility to our children to ensure they can receive medical care.”

Earlier this year, McEachin introduced the Advancing Seniors and Kids Act (H.R. 4820) to permanently reauthorize CHIP and provide funding for additional programs that American families rely on to afford healthcare needs for themselves and their families.