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McEachin calls for resignation of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

donald mceachinCongressman A. Donald McEachin (D-VA-04) today called for the resignation of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in light of recent, sweeping operational changes at the United States Postal Service that are slowing mail delivery and jeopardizing the integrity of the election.

Statement from McEachin:

“Postmaster General Louis DeJoy must resign immediately and be replaced by a non-partisan appointee who will restore the American people’s trust and confidence in the USPS to provide important essential services, including medical supplies, legal and financial documents, absentee and mail-in ballots, and personal correspondence.

“From reports across the nation of USPS mailboxes being ripped from sidewalks without warning to abrupt changes to key USPS operations and personnel practices, the systemic dismantling of the USPS by Postmaster General DeJoy has resulted in slower and less reliable mail delivery during this critical time. It is clear that DeJoy’s actions and his deliberate obfuscation of facts in response to congressional concerns regarding his recent changes serve to undermine the strength and integrity of one of our nation’s most prized and long-standing federal institutions.

“Despite the efforts of President Trump and his allies to dismantle the USPS to prevent Americans from participating in the 2020 election, the heroes of the USPS have worked diligently throughout the pandemic to provide critical services and desperately needed mail delivery to all communities. The clear all-out assault on the United States Postal Service by the Trump administration to benefit his political campaign must end.”