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McDonnell touts growing list of supporters for roads plan

roads-newEleven business, transportation and labor groups on Monday joined the growing list of supporters of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s “Virginia’s Road to the Future” comprehensive, long-term transportation funding plan.

The Greater Richmond Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Union announced their support for the Governor’s transportation plan.  Additionally the Virginia Road and Infrastructure Associations which includes the Old Dominion Highway Contractors Association,  Hampton Roads Utility and Heavy Contractors Association, Heavy Construction Contractors Association, Richmond Area Municipal Contractors Association, Virginia Ready-Mixed Concrete Association, Virginia Asphalt Association, American Concrete Paving Association, Precast Concrete Association of Virginia, and the Associated General Contractors of Virginia added their support for the Governor’s comprehensive transportation solution.

Official statements from the groups can be found below.


Virginia’s Road and Infrastructure Industry Associations

“Two years ago when the General Assembly adopted the Governor’s transportation bonding package, everyone acknowledged that a sustainable funding initiative was necessary to meet the Commonwealth’s ongoing transportation needs.

“The needs are great, undeniable and growing. Over the past two years we have seen more than a dozen pieces of long term transportation funding legislation fail.

“The Governor’s transportation funding bill is a bold effort to think outside the box, break the gridlock gripping the General Assembly and solve one of Virginia’s most pressing problems.  The Governor has looked at the various proposals and now asks all legislators to take two steps toward the middle to reach a compromise.  The Governor’s bill has merit and should be given serious consideration.

“If all the provisions of the Governor’s bill are adopted by the General Assembly, we will see $3.1 billion in new funding over the next five years for our critical transportation needs. After that, we could see those numbers grow to nearly a billion dollars a year investment in transportation.

“The Governor’s proposal is about investing in the Commonwealth’s future…investing in jobs, in economic development, in safety, in our quality of life.  When fully implemented, this bill will generate nearly 20,000 jobs, create more than $2.5 billion in economic activity in the Commonwealth and generate over $150 million in new tax revenues.  More importantly, this bill will improve mobility, reduce congestion, promote further economic activity, and improve safety on our highways—all factors that will improve the quality of life in Virginia for today and years to come.”

-The Virginia Road and Infrastructure Industry Associations, representing more than 600 companies across the Commonwealth, and the following member organizations:

•                     Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance
•                     Old Dominion Highway Contractors Association
•                     Hampton Roads Utility and Heavy Contractors Association
•                     Heavy Construction Contractors Association
•                     Richmond Area Municipal Contractors Association
•                     Virginia Ready-Mixed Concrete Association
•                     Virginia Asphalt Association
•                     American Concrete Paving Association – Mid-Atlantic Chapter
•                     Precast Concrete Association of Virginia
•                     Associated General Contractors of Virginia


Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce

“The Greater Richmond Chamber supports the Governor’s proposal for transportation funding.  The need for additional funding is beyond question.  Lack of transportation funding is already adversely affecting Virginia’s economic development, and the problem will critically impair our economic competitiveness in the near future if we fail to act.

“The Governor’s proposal has three important characteristics for addressing transportation needs – it raises substantial additional dollars for transportation; it provides dedicated sources of funding; and it is sustainable over the long term.  At a transportation conference the Chamber held this fall, participants identified the sales tax as one of the best ways to fund transportation.  The governor’s proposal uses one of those approaches – the sales tax – as well as other transportation-related user fees to provide substantial transportation dollars.  The Chamber supports this proposal.”

– The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce represents more than 1,200 member companies


Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Union

“The Transportation Division of the Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Union wholly supports the efforts of Governor McDonnell in finding a dedicated source of funding for Virginia’s passenger rail. We commend the Governor for having the vision to support intercity and commuter passenger rail and the knowledge that passenger rail infrastructure is a vital cog in the wheel of Virginia’s transportation future and key to it’s continued economic prosperity.”

– Pat Corp, Virginia State Legislative Director for the Sheet Metal Air Rail and Transportation Union, which represents more than 3,500 active and retired members

A number of business and transportation groups have already announced their support of the Governor’s plan. They are:

•                     Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
•                     Richmond Area Municipal Contractors Association
•                     Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
•                     Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce
•                     Virginia Automobile Dealers Association
•                     Virginia Chamber of Commerce
•                     Virginians for High Speed Rail
•                     Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance
•                     Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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