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McAuliffe, Youngkin raising prodigious amounts of money in governor race

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The Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign raised a record-breaking $11.5 million in the latest fundraising period, but nipping at his heels was the campaign of Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin.

The Youngkin campaign reported $11.2 million in campaign receipts for the July 1-Aug. 31 period, according to numbers filed with the Virginia Department of Elections.

The two have each passed the $30 million mark in total campaign funds – with Youngkin at $35.3 million, and McAuliffe at $31.6 million.

Significant to point out there: the Youngkin total includes $16.5 million in loans that he has made to his campaign to date.

That last line would seem to reinforce the narrative advanced by the McAuliffe campaign that Youngkin, with a personal net worth reportedly in the area of $300 million, aims to use his personal fortune to buy the governor job.

The McAuliffe haul is all fundraising, which is the Macker’s strong suit. The McAuliffe campaign reported nearly 130,000 contributions and more than 64,000 individual donors, including support from all of Virginia’s 133 cities and counties.

“Grassroots support is powering our campaign, and I am proud to stand with so many Virginians who share my vision to create a stronger economy and keep our kids safe,” McAuliffe said. “Leadership on this issue could not be more critical, which is why I have urged all Virginia employers – including health care providers and school districts – to require vaccinations for their employees. Only by following the science and having every eligible Virginian vaccinated as quickly as possible will we defeat this virus, keep Virginians safe, and keep our economy strong.”

Story by Chris Graham