McAuliffe statement on proposed amendments to coal ash bill

terry mcauliffeGovernor Terry McAuliffe commented today regarding his proposed amendments to Senate Bill 1398, which place a temporary pause on the state permitting process for coal ash impoundment projects to allow for additional assessment regarding their impact on Virginia’s water quality and environment.

“My administration is committed to protecting water quality and drinking water sources for residents throughout the entire Commonwealth of Virginia as we address the closure of coal ash impoundments. While I support the Department of Environmental Quality’s approach to addressing this issue and the agency is currently following the path laid out under state law and federal regulations, there has been tremendous public concern and outreach on this topic. As such, I am proposing amendments to Senate Bill 1398 that will provide the public with more information on the costs and benefits, risks, and recycling options for coal ash before a final decision on the permits is reached. My hope is that this additional process will increase the public’s confidence in the path that Virginia ultimately takes.”

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